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Yoga Exercises for Face are Effective in Retaining a Youthful Look.

Yoga exercises for face plays a key role in maintaining a healthy skin and preventing wrinkles. The human face is a hardworking part of the body and there are about 16 muscles found in the face, and those muscles can be benefited from yoga exercise for face. Yoga exercises for face is the maintenance routine for motivating muscles and keeping the skin in place.

Consider about your face and the whipping it takes. The face is hit by snow, sun, sleet, wind, and rainwater. It is harshly rubbed, applied make-up, grit and grime, scratched, and frayed are attacking it often.

Not only are there about 16 muscles but also a dozen bones, arteries, blood vessels and veins that assists your face to do the work that it need to. These parts of your face aid you to see, breath, speak, cry, laugh, chew, smile, kiss, grin, sneeze, frown and many more.

Your face muscles absorb and accumulate most of your stress and tension. Unless you allow those muscles to relax, they will get hard and there will be a strained look. Tense muscles also limit the amount of blood flowing to your face and the nutrients it needs by constricting the arteries. This facial tension can extend to your neck and shoulders.

So, yoga exercises for face can help you to reduce the tension and makes you feel and look more relaxed.

Various Yoga Exercises for Face

Here are some yoga exercises for face that help to feel relax from stress, tense muscles and improve blood circulation.

Yoga Exercises for Face – Eye Socket Massage

Eye socket massage is for relieving tension and stress from areas around the eyes. It also relaxes the eyes and surrounding facial features. This exercise needs to be repeated for at least 3-5 times and the massage is easy to practice, which gives your eyes a better relaxation.

For practicing this yoga exercise, place both the index and middle fingers of your hands on either sides of your nose just below the bridge. Rub your fingers up to the bridge and along the eyebrows.

You will feel an indentation in your eye socket. Try to continue that indentation for a moment. Do it smoothly, and follow the line of your socket and back to your originating place beside your nose.

Cheek Squeezing

You can improve circulation in your cheeks by squeezing cheeks and grabbing bits of flesh

Yoga Exercise for Relieving your Optic Nerve and Muscles around Eyes

Another yoga exercise that is good and easy to practice is to relieve your optic nerve and the muscles around your eyes. Sit in a relaxed way with back position straight.

Try to focus on your breathing air that is inhaling and exhaling from your nostrils, the cool air will get in and warm air will be out. Rub your palms together rapidly and then cup them over your closed eye sockets. Maximum benefit will get by repeating this for several times.

Yoga Exercises for Relieving Tension in Forehead and Jaws

One of the great yoga exercises for face is for relieving tension in your forehead and jaws that could lead to headaches. Make use of your middle and index finger of both hands and keep them in the middle portion of your forehead.

Rub your forehead gently by making small circles with your fingers and continue the massage across your brow to your temple, where we hold tension and give that area a gentle massage.

Move down from your temples to the pivot of your jaws, another place where we hold stress and tension. Continue the massage with small circle movements along your jaw line and across your cheeks, up your nose and finishing at your starting point. This yoga exercise works well especially for those who compress their jaws when under stress.

Yoga Exercises for Improved Blood Circulation and Muscle Relaxation

One of the important yoga exercises for face is that exercise which helps to increase blood circulation, muscle relaxation and relieves anxiety as well as stress. Try to clench or tighten your teeth and open your lips as wide as you can. Stretch your lips, cheeks, chin and neck to their limit. Hold and release. Continue the exercise for some time.

These are a few simple ways to relax your face from stress using yoga exercises for face and there are many more simple yoga exercises for face to release stress and tension in your face, shoulders, and neck.