Yoga and Pregnancy for Your First Trimester | Prenatal Yoga Poses

Yoga and Pregnancy – The First Trimester of Pregnancy

Yoga and pregnancy works great for the first trimester of pregnancy, as it is an exciting as well as a scary time and also with major changes to your body. In this period, your body is changing and the hormones are fluctuating and your body feels different inside. This takes place long before your body shows what is happening inside of you.

Benefits of Yoga and Pregnancy in the First Trimester

Practicing yoga and pregnancy in this first trimester helps you to slow down and realize the changes to your body. It encourages you to listen to your body, to accept it as it is, and, occasionally, submit to its uncomfortable changes.

You can develop your physical health through gentle stretches and simple strength-building yoga postures and you can lessen anxiety and improve your mental health with meditation.

Health Benefits of Yoga and Pregnancy

Yoga has increased its popularity with its health benefits. It helps to lower blood pressure, improves sleep and digestion, reinforce muscles and joints, and enhance flexibility. It eliminates impurities from the body through the breath, sweat, liver, kidneys, and digestive system.


People who practice yoga regularly will feel less stress and more peace in their lives.
Yoga and pregnancy provides several yoga poses to practice during first trimester of pregnancy. When you practice these poses, they work wonder on your health and your capability to have a smooth pregnancy.

Though you have not moved out in public with your pregnancy yet, you ought to have a confidential discussion with your yoga instructor, informing her of your pregnancy and encourage her to be cautious until you are ready to announce the impending birth at your own time.

Morning Sickness

In this first trimester, if you have morning sickness then your body is trying to inform you to relax and take it easy. If you are already practicing yoga and pregnancy, take a breather from yoga classes or take a class that is less vigorous.

You can have more benefits from practicing yoga and pregnancy during this first trimester: relief from back pain and sickness and increased stamina. It is a low-impact exercise that can help you to stay in shape. And the breathing meditations practiced in a prenatal yoga class are helpful during labor.

If you are new to pregnancy yoga and searching for a low-impact exercise then it is best to go for a prenatal yoga class, as these classes are designed for those who are pregnant. It is better to start this type of yoga class in your first trimester pregnancy.

If you are still having bouts of morning sickness, then you need to wait until that passes and that is usually the second trimester. If you have been practicing yoga for pregnancy a while, your regular classes seem to be too intense for you. Prenatal yoga classes may seem too tame.

Now it is the time for you to decide the classes you should take on a given day depending on the way you feel. The best way out might also be to include some of the prenatal poses into your regular routine.

A trained yoga instructor helps you with some of the special poses designed for pregnancy and your changing body. You will notice that these prenatal yoga classes are more suited for your body and its changing shape when you enter your the second or third trimester.

If you are practicing pregnancy yoga with the help of videotape then you need to buy a prenatal video, as it provides some of the recommended poses are ones that open the hip such as Triangle, Knee to Ankle, Pigeon, and Warrior II.

Practicing yoga and pregnancy, through any means, helps you to reduce back pain, swelling in the lower extremities, and misalignments due to weight changes.

Practice Prenatal Yoga Poses Regularly for a Healthy Baby

Pregnancy doesnÂ’t have to be an obstruction in your yoga practice. In fact, it can be an essential part of your regular prenatal yoga poses. By a regular practice of prenatal yoga poses, which are designed for pregnancy and integrating routines will help you to have an easier birth.

If you find some routines are unable to do and are not sure of the prenatal yoga poses then listen to your body. It will tell you which ones those are too much for you in time in your pregnancy.

Yoga unites your body, mind, and spirit. Yoga and pregnancy can connect you to your baby too. The prenatal yoga poses practice gives you the opportunity to provide a world for your baby that is healthy and peaceful.

So, do not be scared to continue your yoga practice. This implies that you will have an easier delivery and a faster recovery after birth. It also should make getting into shape after birth easier as well.