Yale Law School

Yale Law School: Consistently the Best

Yale Law School has consistently been ranked as the number one law school in the United States. Its competitiveness and prestige is evident in the fact that it has a higher student yielding rate than Stanford or Harvard.

For those who do not know, yielding is when a student who qualifies for admission into a school actually decides to enroll there. It is actually a pretty great honor to be admitted into the Yale Law School since only 200 students are admitted every year. This is mainly to maintain a small student-teacher ratio. This small ratio ensures that each student will get the attention that they need for the study of law.

This small ratio also gives the students opportunities to engage in various activities such as independent research and seminars. This makes the Yale Law School experience unparalleled. Where else can you find first-year students assisting actual clients in legal clinics?

What does it take to be admitted? Well, most students of the Yale law school have had difficult majors with high GPAs. This means that you must have studied hard in college and gotten good grades. You also need to have taken the Law School Admission Test and have gotten a very high score. Actually, it is often the case that students need to have passed the LSAT at the 99th percentile. If you are thinking that grades are all you need, you would be wrong. Actually, the Yale law school also judges applicants based on their character. This is known as your non-quantitative credentials.

Typically, 70 percent of applicants are disqualified in the initial screening. This means that even if you satisfy the above requirements, there still is a strong chance that you will not be admitted. After the initial screening, the remaining applications and records will be reviewed by three faculty members. Only those receiving perfect marks from each member will be immediately admitted to Yale Law School. Lower scoring records are usually pushed towards the waiting list.

Why is it so difficult to get in? Well, you should realize that the Yale law school intends to receive the cream of the crop in terms of students. They want to have the best minds to mold. This is part of the reason why the Yale Law School remains to be the best. One of the things that make the Yale Law School unique is the fact that it does not have a grading system. All of the first year students are either given credit or no credit for their first semester. Following semester courses are graded either honors, pass, low pass, or fail. This is actually a pretty good system.

Why do people want to attend Yale Law School? Besides the fact that it is the best school of law in the United states, the Yale Law School has continually fostered an image of having an environment conducive to the study of law. This means that the Yale Law School continually presents its students with the opportunity to study law in a place which is specifically designed to help them do so.

What makes the Yale Law School the best? Is it the location? Perhaps it is the building? Maybe it is the curriculum? Actually what makes the Yale Law School the best is a combination of the faculty, tradition, students, curriculum and education programs.

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