Yahoo SEO, Search engine optimization for Yahoo!

Yahoo! Inc.
It is an American Public Corporation as well as a provider of global services, founded jointly by Jerry Yang and David Filo. It includes a whole diverse package of products, consisting of a web portal, a search engine, mail (Yahoo! Mail) directory, news and posting. According to sources and web traffic analysis, it is one of the most visited and popular sites in the world. The Yahoo search engine is the second largest in the world, preceded only by Google. Its search engine includes vertical searches such as Image and Video searches.

Yahoo SEO Nuances
Majority of SEO work is done keeping the Google frame in mind, but it would be stupidity to ignore other search engines like Yahoo! that take in a major share too. SEO work done keeping Yahoo! in mind would also give ample traffic through to your web-site.


Keyword Density
SEOs usually optimize with a mere 2%-3% of keyword density but Yahoo uses a much larger keyword density level. The attention to keyword density is because Yahoo does not lay much importance on inbound links but rather on content on your site. This however may lead to penalty imposed by Google as they might deem your site or SEO research done as keyword-stuffed and hence forced-optimized text.
This glitch may however be ironed out, by usage of different synonyms of the same keyword in order to maintain the keyword density and yet not get caught on the wrong foot by Google. For example, instead of using a 8% density for the keyword “jewelry” we can use its 3 synonyms at a 2% density each. A sure-shot way to manage SEO research for all search engines at tandem.

Meta Tags
Yahoo still prefers Meta tags which has almost been considered a outdated practice by webmasters today. Using this feature you might give a boost to your SEO stuff on Yahoo.

Freshness and Quality Rules
Regular updates and additions to your already existing content will help it become more search-engine friendly and SEO-streamlined. Blogs, posts etc are a good way to keep your web content fresh. Fresh content and massive use of it will assure you of a favorable place on the Yahoo search-engine lists flawlessly.

Yahoo web-spiders
The Yahoo web-crawler doesn’t issue very active action while indexing your web-pages and indexing them. And hence, a site-map is of utmost importance while doing SEO research keeping Yahoo in mind to maintain a high rank in the Yahoo search results.
Ignoring SEO for Yahoo would only be fool-hardy for though Google actually rules the search world, yet Yahoo has a well-accepted repute as an intricate search-engine. And since using content fit for both the big ones, Yahoo and Google is easy, therefore ignoring Yahoo will only mean a loss of a considerate amount of web traffic to your web site.