Xbox 360 Crash And Freezing The Causes And How To Repair

It is a fact that the Xbox 360 is one of the best types of gaming consoles today. It is quite popular among a lot of people and with the large library of games available, you can be sure that you will have a lot of fun playing with it. From action games, to role playing games, to strategy games, to online games, you will be able to enjoy whatever type of video game you like playing with.

However, popular as the Xbox 360 is, you will see that a lot of people experiences crash and freezing problems. In fact, a third of Xbox 360 owners experience this kind of problem and Microsoft have extended their warranty for this gaming console in order to avoid people from getting discouraged in buying the console.

If you are experiencing freezes and crashes on your Xbox 360, then you will want to know about the cause of the problem as well as to how to solve the problem. Fixing the problem is definitely your primary concern especially if you are a serious Xbox 360 gamer. By knowing how to repair freezing and crashes on Xbox 360, you will never have to put up with the waiting period from Microsoft in getting your Xbox 360 repaired and shipped back to you again.

In most cases, the crashing and freezing problem is caused by overheating. The CPU and the GPU inside the Xbox 360 overheats which will cause it to crash or stop processing the information needed to play the game. You need to remember that the cooling device included in your Xbox 360 isn’t powerful enough to withstand the heat given off by the processors.

If you constantly experience your screen freezing while playing with your Xbox 360, there are basically three main factors that are related to this problem.

The first is graphics processor failure. You will see this happening if you see red lights flashing around the power ring. Hard drive failure is another reason for screen freezes and crashes and lastly, HD-DVD drive failure is another factor.

Preventing crashes and freezes from happening is possible. All you need to do is place your Xbox 360 in a well ventilated and cool area while you are playing with it. Overheating is the main reason why your Xbox 360 crashes. And, most people place their Xbox 360 inside the display cabinet where air is restricted and the heat generated by the console is easily trapped.

If it is possible, try to play with your Xbox 360 in an air conditioned room. This will help with your freezing and crashing problem.

To repair your Xbox 360, you can do it by yourself but you need about a couple of hours to spare and you also need to have basic tools, such as screwdriver and flat bench. A video guide is also necessary in order for you to repair it correctly.

Remember these tips and you can be sure that you will be able to solve your freezing and crashing Xbox 360 problem. Always remember that the main cause of freezing and crashing is overheating. By taking away the factors that contributes to overheating then you will be able to prevent your Xbox 360 from crashing or freezing and even prevent the dreaded red ring of death.