Writing the Resource Box so it Makes People click

A phrase that is used many times is: The Internet is the information highway. People use the internet for different purposes but generally the reason is to search for information. The internet has provided us with information that has proved to be very beneficial, whether it’s for fun, business or any other number of reasons.

When you write your articles you are providing people with information. At the same time you are trying to drive people to visit your website and hopefully turn them into a paying customer. Your article should contain high quality content that the reader wants to know more about. As they read through it they will arrive at the resource box at the end of it.

If you have a website about puppies and dogs you could write an article about ‘5 proven ways to house train your puppy’. When the reader gets to the end of the article they will see the resource box and a link to your site. You want them to click on the link and see what you have on offer on your site. This could be items for dogs and puppies, books or services such as dog training, dog-sitting etc.

What should be in the resource box? The resource box usually contains the name and a brief description of the author. It should also have a brief description of the site and a link to the site. Just as the article needs to be eye-catching so does the resource box in order to grab the attention of the reader.

The resource box is small and will be limited in the number of words that can be used. Therefore, it’s important to use the right keywords and entice the reader to click on the link and visit your site. Each person that clicks that links and visits your site is a potential customer. As there is so little space you need to learn about proper keywords that people are searching for. You will find many tools on the internet that can help you to determine what keywords to use.

In your resource box try and be as creative as you can and make the most of the space that is available. You want to capture your reader’s attention so that they visit your site to find out more. By using the right content and trigger their imagination you can make them intrigued enough to click on your link.

Make sure you use keywords that are related to your site and do not try to mislead your potential customer. If your site is about dogs and puppies and you only deal with one particular breed then make that known. Your credibility is important and people will come back to you for more. You only get one chance to create a lasting impression and ‘wow’ your reader so never underestimate the power of the resource box. Size isn’t everything – it may be small but it’s a very powerful way of driving traffic to your site. A boring resource box will not do you any favours and will not produce the required results.