Write Effectively to Your Niche, An Energetic Technique

When writing, it is essential to connect with your chosen niche in a meaningful way to convey your information and wisdom effectively. Of course, you need to start with good writing skills, such as: using good grammar, choosing the same words your reader uses, addressing your niche directly and personally, knowing and offering solutions to their problems, providing examples they can relate to, etc.

Know Your Niche

Writers, especially those who write brief articles on the Internet, tend to be so general that they just touch the surface of real issues. While it is important to describe general principles, valuable writing needs to be specific as well. To begin by stating the obvious can be a helpful, but when you write for an intelligent audience, you need to offer a fresh perspective.

If you know your niche really well, you might find that you write so easily that you can create something without any technique like the one I am about to describe. However, even if you know your niche really well, sometimes you might either feel out of touch or want to connect more deeply.

So here is one approach to make your writing more relevant and intimate for a reader in your target audience. It is PART of a writing process, rather than the total process.

An Energetic Technique for Writing

This energetic technique assumes you know your niche and the subject or general idea that you want to write about, and have some valuable information to share. After you have written some words and ideas by using this or any such technique — you still have to take additional steps to re-write and edit and proofread.

First, identify one person. A real person, not a composite or profile. Just one. For example, a person

(1) Who has asked you a question or has inspired the topic you are writing about, or

(2) Whom you know well who falls within your niche, or

(3) Whom you can connect with in such a way that the words flow easily, or

(4) Whom you respect and has extensive knowledge or wisdom on the topic.

Second, sit quietly. Take a few deep breaths to relax yourself and tune into your own inner guidance. Then, think about the person. If it feels natural to you, imagine the person is with you or “tune in” to the person.

When the energetic connection is strong with both your inner self and with this one specific person, begin to write. Let the words flow. If the flow seems to stop, reconnect or change partners. Continue to write until you know it is time to pause or stop.

As you write, you might imagine that the person encourages you or asks questions by saying such things as, “Say more.” Or, “What else?” Or “Can you give me an example?”

When you approach your writing this way, you will have something that has intimacy that all your readers will feel. In the next step, you can check to be certain that your writing is not so intimate that it excludes significant parts of your niche that you most want to reach. For example, if your chose person is a man, yet women are also part of your niche, be certain to either use non-gender specific examples or use examples for each gender.

You’ll have to find your balance, which is why this energetic writing technique is only PART of a process.

Your First Draft Still Needs Work

A lot of the writing we see on the Internet is really just a first-draft. In some niches, that is acceptable. However, if you want to create real value to the unique individuals in your niche, you need to take more into consideration than one person in one sitting.

Take your first draft to the next level by broadening and deepening it. Expand your concepts and add more examples that make the ideas specific in other ways. You might even imagine that you are a reader from your niche — a strategy that usually works best if you print out your writing and take it to another location.

Before Publishing, Ask Yourself Hard Questions

Does this piece of writing say what I want it to say?

Is it finished? If you are writing for your own web site or blog, you might consider that it is never really finished, so a better question might be: Is this finished enough so that my niche will benefit from reading it?

Or ask arithmetic-inspired questions: What more can I add to make it more relevant? What do I need to subtract? Do I need to multiply or divide some of the sentences, paragraphs, or sections?

Does this meet the original need? Or, Does it answer the original question?

Do I enjoy reading it?

Energy Work is Effective

As I said at the beginning, this Energetic Technique is PART of a writing process. It is a powerful energy work technique that I have shared with many individuals, some of whom dread writing. When you practice this simple exercise, your writing can become more efficient and effective, especially when you are attentive to fine-tuning other writing skills.