Write Articles That Get Noticed

If you are article marketing, but not finding any success in doing so, you might not be doing it correctly. Almost anyone can write articles, but writing ones that drive targeted traffic to your website is the challenge. How do you interest potential customers in what you have to say? And, once they are interested in your article, how do you drive them to your site and possibly convert them into customers? The following are some tips that will help you to master the art of article marketing.

(1) Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What information about your product or service would be helpful to your customers? If you were your customer, what types of things would you want to learn? Write about those things. Answering frequently asked questions, or solving problems that your target market is likely to have, will make you look like an expert in the eyes of your reader, and people are more likely to buy from someone they view as an expert in their field.

(2) Find the keywords that your clients will likely search for when looking for information on your product or service. Even if your website doesn’t rank well with the search engines, an article that makes good use of keywords might. Be sure that your keywords appear frequently in your article without reducing the quality of the writing.

(3) Don’t misspell or misuse words. Use a spellchecker and a dictionary. In particular, watch for frequently misused words that might not get picked up by a checker, such as “there” versus “their”, and “then” versus “than”. An article that is littered with misspelled or misplaced words will not look professional and this will reflect on you. If there are multiple mistakes within an article, readers will view it as poor quality and will not value its content, even if it contains high caliber information. Also, a well written article is much more likely to be picked up by individuals looking for quality content for their ezines and newsletters that could potentially be sent out to hundreds or even thousands of readers.

(4) Have someone proofread your articles. Proofreading your own articles simply is not enough. Often you miss typos and errors because your mind knows what is supposed to be written, and thus overlooks mistakes. Have a trusted friend or colleague proofread your article and ask them for feedback. They may be able to point out things that you haven’t made clear, or things that you hadn’t thought of mentioning. If you don’t know anyone willing to take on this task, consider outsourcing. Many Virtual Assistants offer proofreading and editing as a service.

(5) Use a thesaurus. Frequently repeating the same words throughout your article will make it seem as though little thought or effort went into its creation. You don’t have to litter an article with big words in order to sound intelligent, in fact the easier the article is to read, the better, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be dull. Repeating the same words again and again simply makes for a monotonous read.

(6) Practice makes perfect. The more you write, the easier it becomes and before you know it, the words will flow.

Using some or all of the above advice, almost anyone can find success through article marketing. A well written and informative article will drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Combine these simple steps with your expertise and you will be capable of creating articles that get noticed.