Wrinkle Removal Anti Aging Treatment

Before seeking this treatment, you should be fully aware of its procedure and its effectiveness. You should also get a thorough consultation with your doctor who will assess your medical condition, possible side effects and whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Your budget is also an important consideration since wrinkle removal by dermabrasion is a costly procedure that often requires multiple sessions to produce results.

Dermabrasion is the removal of the top layer of skin with a rotating brush, allowing new skin to regenerate in place of the removed layer. This leaves a redness and raw feeling to the skin that can take several weeks to heal. During that time, you need to fight the itchiness during healing and be very careful in cleaning your face to prevent infection.

Another common type of anti-aging wrinkle control is “soft tissue injections” where a non-reactive substance. The substance then raises the surface of the skin in the general area to be treated giving the impression of smooth skin.

Collagen is a fiber like substance most widely used for this anti-aging wrinkle treatment. Collagen is already present in skin tissue therefore does not cause any negative reaction when introduced under the skin. Another substance used in this type of treatment is fat taken from another part of your body to raise the surface of the skin in the treatment area.

Lastly, “botulinum toxin” is another form of anti aging wrinkle treatment where a toxin is injected into the muscle in and around the area of the wrinkles. Since over time the muscle contractions caused the wrinkling of the skin, the toxin will prevent the muscle from contracting thus producing the effect of the original smooth skin. However, the desired effect of immobilizing the muscle contractions only lasts for 3 to 4 months before the area has to be treated again.

So in some ways, wrinkle remover creams produce similar results but just needs more frequent application to get a youthful looking appearance. Its cost is also many times less than anti aging treatments and less intrusive with little danger of damaging side effects since adverse skin reactions usually subside once you stop using the product.

Which ever method you choose, learn to be realistic in your expectations of more youthful looking skin. As can be seen, anti aging anti wrinkle treatments are at best temporary.