WOW! You Really CAN Create a Dream Life

I know this is boasting, but I’m proud to say that this idea was invented by my son and daughter-in-law.

Do you sometimes have trouble focusing on your dreams and goals?

Sometimes we don’t quite know what all our goals really are; we don’t know how to get started on the process of getting ALL our dreams written down. It may seem too big a task. We even don’t feel worthy enough of the things we secretly REALLY want. As we have learnt from The Secret – we get what we focus on. This is a fantastic way to move into a high energy vibration for abundance.

This idea came from my son Richie, and daughter-in-law Anneli who both had mentioned that they were having trouble with the discipline of visualising every day. They have been using this method for nearly 2 months now and their goals have become very clear and are now written down in specific detail. They have also told me that they love doing this, and that the act of writing down “exactly” what their dream life is really brings them to that place of actually having it “Now”.

And BOY, are they getting results in a hurry!

So I thought you would like to try this too. I am doing it, and it really is fun.

It’s about understanding the Law of Attraction and taking some ACTION for ATTRACTION that will help you draw in more of anything and everything you want in your life.

It’s a really high energy idea. The more you do it over 30 days, the more energy and excitement you will experience around your goals. It’s amazing.

This energy game is for: discovering your goals manifesting money, relationships, health, people dramatically expanding your vibrations creating excitement and high energy around your dreams.

It’s all about you creating your Dream Life for the future.

When should you undertake this ACTION for ATTRACTION? When you are wondering what your goals really are. When you feel you want to kindle more excitement and desire about the things you are wishing for. When you don’t quite know how to get started, or how to think BIG. When you want to create a feeling of abundance in all things. When you want to change the way you think and feel about your future to a more positive mindset. When you want to attract more of everything good into your life.

People, wealth, travel, romance, fun, riches, abundance! It’s a great game to play.

Here we go! The Rules of the Game are right here:-

Create Your Dream Life.

This is a game for your imagination. Haven’t got one? After 30 days of this game I promise you will find it is definitely there.

How to Play: Get yourself a nice notebook or set up a page on your computer. Call it “My Dream Life”.

Create several headings/pages, one for each area of your life. You can always add more later when you get a good idea. Some Examples: Lifestyle (which can include your home and environment, travel) Body, Soul, Mind (health, education etc) Relationships (family, friends, workmates) Love Anything you think of that you want

For 30 Days: Write about your Dream Life last thing at night (or first thing in the morning) – the idea is to be regular/routine about this. This is important; when you do something for at least 30 days, it becomes a habit. Once YOU have done this for 30 days, it will become an automatic part of your life!

First write down three things you are grateful for today. I have a section up the top of “My Dream Life” called “Gratitude” which I add to every day. Starting this way puts you in the perfect frame of mind to start on your “Dream Life”.

Now, spend about 15 minutes on your Dream Life. Write under any heading you chose today, you don’t have to do them all in one day. Write in the present tense as if you are excited that you already have it. Example “I am so happy that I am sailing my new xxx/type catamaran” “I am thrilled that I have received an Honours mark for my xxx exam” “I am so rapt that my body is really flexible and fit” “I am delighted that my Dalmatian puppy is here in his kennel”

When you add notes to something you wrote previously, try to be even more specific. Think of EXACTLY what you want, and write it down. It’s exciting. If you are on the computer, search for pictures to add to your ideas, if you have a book, it is easy to find great pictures in magazines. You can add spreadsheets of your ideal budget; the ideas are endless.

During your day take notice of the things that you would like to have. Notice magazines, billboards, lovely houses and gardens, shop windows and even other people’s clothes and bodies.

Get excited as you write, and especially when you start to add more embellishments as the days go by.

Over and over again you are creating in your imagination the feeling of abundance and excitement when you write about the things you want. Over and over again you are experiencing the glow of abundance. You will begin to feel abundant. You are opening yourself up to the great vibrations of abundance.

Unexpectedly miraculous things start to happen; things you have written about will start to show up in your life. The more energy and excitement you put into this the more the Universe will respond. Out of the blue you will get a brilliant idea of how to get something you want, how to earn some more money, how to make that trip happen that you didn’t think was possible.

30 Days now – no slacking off. It’s worth it I promise you. After 30 days, why not just keep on going? You’ll probably find that it’s a really fun thing to do so you will want to continue anyway.

It’s the LAW OF ATTRACTION in ACTION. You have to feel the abundance first BEFORE it actually happens. And this is a fantastic way to do it.

Your Outcome: You will bring yourself into the right vibration with the Universe and the Universe will bring you plentiful bounty. You are feeling excited about your future and the more specific and detailed you become, the easier it is for The Universe to bring you what you need to move you towards your goals. This is fantastic fun to do.

Go for it. You’ll surely be amazed at the results of this game. My son Richie has agreed to give an example of his Dream life to show you how he does it which is too long to add to this article. You can find them on his blog page at Note how he writes as if he already HAS his dream.