Would You Rather Have Fat Or Thin Legs

There are all shapes and sizes of legs, some skinny, some fuller and more rounded.

The look of the legs is dictated by the shape and size of the bum.

An ample bottom can accentuate thin thighs whereas a trim bottom and full upper legs may lead to the thunder thighs effect.

Neither of these two opposites are the desire of the vast majority of women.

The ultimate goal is to have legs that appear long in relation to the body and curvy and that means having to work at it.

Its quite difficult to radically change your leg shape but you must start with these exercises!

Starting with legs that are too thin the first thing is to bulk up them up without over emphasizing the bum.

Any leg exercise will affect the look of the bottom with a knock on effect.

A firm small derriere on top of long slender legs looks good.

Watch your diet and do plenty of leg only regular exercises such as cycling, lying on your back, feet raised and rotating, lifting small weights attached to your ankles with legs extending or even just running up and down stairs.

These and similar exercises can be undertaken either at home or without major expense and while the derriere is gaining some benefit the major toning and muscle building is happening to the thighs.

If you feel that you have been dealt with legs that are too short then the smaller you can tone your bottom the longer your legs can look.

Thunder thighs are a more difficult problem as exercising can increase the bulk effect unless a strict diet regime is adhered to and that means will power.

Clearly fat tissue must be got rid of and thigh muscles must be toned and at the same time the bum needs a lot of work.

Running and other exercise routines that work on the areas below the hips are essential to balance the derriere and upper legs so that both appear attractive.

If you are lucky everything below the waist will look nice and in proportion but as we women grow older our bums tend to enlarge and our thighs look heavier, making our legs look shorter and heavier so that we do not look our best in jeans.

Recognizing the onset of age related figure problems is nearly half the problem, having the strength of will to do something about it is the next and hardest step but who, amongst us, does not want to stay as attractive as possible for as long as possible.

Put in the hard work and discipline and the man in your life will be happy, he won’t stray while you are looking good!

And as for those too skinny legs a little toning here, a little muscle building there, and as you get a little older your lower body is likely to become curvier and will fill out those tight jeans really nicely.

For a women to feel entirely good about herself is a rarity, we all have hang ups about our looks however much we are told how beautiful or attractive we are but at the end of the day we must make the best of what we are born with and be thankful that one mans meat is another mans poison.