Worldwide Coffee Business

Coffee Is A Worldwide Business

There are few grown commodities that have more of an impact on the global scale than coffee. An industry that’s rivaled only by oil when it comes to valuable commodities (grown or not), this bean and the subsequent drink that come from it are big business in every way.

Impacting millions of lives the world over, it’s hard to believe that such hoopla exists over a simple bean. But when it comes to plants that create a stir, it’s the beans that have it. Consider, too, that chocolate starts out as a bean and it will become clear that small things can produce big results.

Coffee production’s impact on the world economy is an approximate and awe-inspiring $60 billion a year. Like other commodities, such as chocolate, this bean comes from “developing countries” and oftentimes the profits don’t quite stay where they were earned. It’s estimated that not even 10 percent of the annual earnings for coffee production go to the farmers who toil to grow the beans.

Coffee beans themselves in America are traded on the New York Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange. This gives a good indication of which commodities are in serious demand. Notice which crop comes in first on the title.

Coffee itself is grown in countries throughout South and Central America, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. It’s through that about 25 million farmers earn their living through the production of this tiny bean. More than 16.1 billion pounds of it are produced each year.

The coffee that’s grown in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, India, Mexico and Uganda makes its way around the world to homes in every corner of the globe. When it comes to the biggest drinking countries, those in Scandinavia top the charts, but Germany and America are not too far behind.

A simple bean grown in the more than 50 countries, coffee has a major impact on the global economy. Consider that some 25 million, that’s not thousand, people work on its production and the importance of the bean becomes very clear.

From plant to processing, coffee is an important factor in the world’s economy. Employing literally millions to ensure it arrives at tables all over the world hot and fresh, the coffee industry is a powerhouse that effects people in every part of the globe. From production and sales to purchase and consumption, the beans behind the fresh grounds might look simple, but they’re anything but.