World Holidays

I am sure that there are many people who look forward to the joys of having holidays. While you are enjoying your holidays have you ever wondered what brought them into our lives? Do other countries celebrate these holidays on the same day as you and I, and in the same manner? The answer would be yes, and no. There are some “world holidays”, where everyone celebrates the same holiday at the same time, and there are some holidays that are only for a particular country, or place alone, and aren’t celebrated the world over.

Some of these world holidays are New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, April Fool’s, and Christmas. These are the more well known of the world holidays. There are other holidays too that are even now gaining recognition as being world holidays. For Muslims across the world Ramazan and the Haj Festival are world holidays. For the Chinese, there is the Chinese New Year with fantasy parades, fireworks, and symbols of prosperity and good luck hanging from every place. And with so many Chinese people spread out across the world they would consider this one of the world holidays. And the same goes for the many Indians living around the world as well. They would definitely consider Diwali as being one of the world holidays.

What about Halloween? Surely this fun filled, scary day with its assortment of costumed people would be a world holiday. You’d only be half right on that however, as Halloween still has to take off in many countries although it has now spread across the ocean and has taken hold in England. After all what child doesn’t like dressing up in fun costumes and collecting masses and masses of candy?

Besides these holidays there are such world holidays as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentines Day. Each of these is now a part of many cultures and spans the globe making them truly world holidays. Then there are the religious world holidays like Easter that are celebrated in quite a few places despite its religious overtones. A lot of people these days associate Easter with the Easter Rabbit and its brightly colored eggs. There is also the fact that families and friends get together to have fun while the children play games and hunt for chocolates and chocolate eggs.

As you see world holidays are celebrated the world over. Sometimes everyone in the world celebrates them, sometimes only some people in different parts of the world celebrates them. World holidays come in all shapes and sizes and are loved by everyone, especially the school kids who get a free day off!