Workplace First Aid Training

Effective and efficient first aid training in the workplace becomes a bit more complex as there are usually many employees present which can cause some to lose direction. That is why the employer should appoint one person to be in charge in an emergency situation including calling 911. This person should also be in charge of the first aid box, making sure that is fully stocked and contains no outdated products. There has to be a back up person just in case the one in charge happens to be the fallen victim. The appointed person has to be fully trained in first aid, CPR, and AED.

Unfortunately since the terrorist attacks of 911, workplaces are also encouraged to incorporate cyanide poisoning treatment as part of their first aid training programs. This would make people know what to look for and the signs that represent such poisoning and how to treat it vigorously. Some employers want defibrillators on the premises while others have not yet addressed that issue.

Intricate first aid training as mandatory for at least some of the employees teaches them how to deal with these things as well as electric shock, what should be in the workplace first aid box, what type of first aid equipment should be on the premises, what if it is not an employee who has a medical emergency but someone from the public who happens to frequent your business? How do you handle that situation?

Also addressed is whether or not you should have a separate room for emergencies such as these and if so what things should be provided in this room such as running water, a couch, a phone, etc. Further, who should be allowed in this room, will it be an all access room or not? First aid training for the workplace shows you what kinds of posters to display within your workplace and where to post them.

It also answers questions such as how many people with the ability to perform first aid are needed and that number usually depends on the size of your workplace. Some people are concerned with the fact that if they perform first aid on someone if they could get slapped with a lawsuit, which seems like a logical question.

All of these issues are addressed during first aid courses and seminars intended for the workplace. There is validity to all of the questions in regards to complete first aid applications in the work environment. But it is essential that all organizations, big or small enforce first aid training in it’s entirety at a consistent level.