Working For Quanta

Quanta is a dynamic and diverse company that is dedicated to providing excellent service and maintaining customer satisfaction over a long period of time. The company was established in 1992 and since then, with the help of its experienced and professional staff it has built a good track record. Many key firms in the telecommunications, engineering, sales and insurance industries turn to Quanta for all their recruitment needs. Their candidate clients also have no complaints about Quanta. This is because of the personalized service which Quanta provides their candidates. The candidate care program which candidates are enrolled on after a placement has been secured is one that is almost unique in the recruitment industry. There is no doubt that in order to work for Quanta, a prospective employee will have to be an expert in their chosen recruitment vertical market or sector. However, Quanta also fully trains its staff in order to ensure the deliver the best service possible.

Many of Quanta’s past and present employees have nothing but good comments to make about Quanta as an employer. The majority have found Quanta to be an honest and highly reliable establishment. The company also has a low labor turnover, which means that many of their employees renew their contracts with the company over a long period of time. It is perhaps an accurate assessment to deduce that the company provides its own staff with the same work support and assistance it gives to its candidate clients in their new roles. A career in recruiting can be a rewarding one, but if a job applicants secures a position in Quanta, they are almost guaranteed of this. Quanta is truly a unique recruitment firm because it also provides other valued added service to corporate clients. These suite of services are basically designed to help clients cut down and costs and to increase the efficiency for their knowledge and resources.

The value added services, which Quanta offers also means that prospective job applicants have wider horizon of career opportunities at Quanta than at most other recruitment firms. Whether an applicant wants to specialize in contract opportunities or permanent opportunities, Quanta can provide them with the sort recruitment career they desire. There is really no doubt that Quanta is an exciting and rewarding company to work for in both the short and longer run. Applicants may visit navigate the Quanta websites for current employment opportunities.