Work-Place Tension; How do you deal with it?

Are you having a problem dealing with tension at work with your co-workers or more specifically with your employees getting into tense situations with other employees?

The pace of life and business in today’s world is accelerating at an all-time speed and with that speed comes the opportunities for person-to-person conflict at a higher rate as well. Ironically enough, it is the ability to get along and work with other people that is the one of the top determinants of success in life today.

Are you able to easily control and ease a tense situation between you and another person or perhaps a boiling debate between two other people? Learning to disarm and defuse negative confrontational interactions between people is absolutely essential. And having this ability is not only essential in your personal life, but more important in your business life.

It is absolutely impossible to work effectively and grow personally if you cannot rid yourself and others around you of confrontational situations. There are five action-oriented ways in which you can use as a framework for managing conflict effectively:

1. You must know and understand what the critical ingredients are for collaborative thinking. Collaborative thinking will engage your employees or co-workers into a more positive interaction.

2. Your employees have certain needs in which you can align responsibilities to. Tension typically occurs when a man or women is not busy enough doing the work that they are capable of handling. Give them a sense of responsibility to help them build their self worth as well as expecting them to work well with others.

3. On a day to day basis you must understand the practice of building daily interaction that offers support to others. Two negatives do not make a positive. If you are aware of a confrontation, then do not face it with more tension. Offer support to both parties, regardless of who is wrong or who is right.

4. You must learn and attain conflict resolution skills and negotiation skills that will enable you to resolve various types of challenges each day in the workplace. If only every situation is the same, but it is not, and you must learn to be flexible and help various levels of tense confrontations.

5. Start to develop a personal system and obtain the tools necessary for dealing with tensions and heavy pressure. Research self development books, listen to positive tapes, or even learn a new course in people management. They all offer the tools you need to succeed at diffusing tension at work.