Work Life Balance of a newly married friend

Today we are going for the annual company function at world’s tallest building, Burj khalifa park. This function is one of the greatest moments of each employee’s life since the annual bonus is announced along with some superb and interesting performances by entertaining agencies. So all of the employees are excited and looking forward to attend it. However, one of my colleagues, who got married recently, is not joining us; the reason being his wife is not feeling well because of backache. Some of the colleagues asked him to join the event because function duration is only 2-3 hours. They insisted him to join because its once-in-a-year experience hence should not be dropped. So my friend had two options:

1- Let his wife stay at home for another couple of hours so he can attend the event and enjoy the cheerful moments with all the friends.
2- Drop the event and take care of his wife.

I am glad that he has opted for second option since Point-1 is more of a male perspective and point-2 is more of a family perspective.

My father once advised me that it is ok if due to any reason, I can’t attend someone during his/her happy moments but I should ensure to attend my loved ones when they are in crisis. Why is that so?

Always remember, family comes first. The most valuable wealth one possesses is his strong family relations. Money comes, money goes; functions come, functions end but Family relations cannot and should not be compromised at the cost of financial and/or social benefits.

You must have seen so many rich families in crisis because of stringent relationship. So it’s not the money it’s the Strong family relationship which is an indicator of degree of happiness I wish my friend a happy and prosperous life and advise all of us not to compromise on family Ethics in order to increase Love, Care, happiness and affection in our lives.

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