Work from home: an evil

A coin always has two sides. Work from home is not always a friend but can be an evil too. It has been said that there is no pleasure without pain, and there are no advantages without disadvantages. Here’s a look at the downsides of work from home.

Absence of Company benefits
There are many benefits like insurance, retirement, and other benefits which a company offers to its full time employees but a person working from home can not enjoy such benefits

Family interruptions:
Another disadvantage of working from home is interruptions by family members. You can never have an office environment at your home and may get interrupted from time to time

Working from home may sometime leads to laziness as you are not directly accountable to any Boss. So Instead of work, you may waist your time in some other activities like watching TV etc.
Neglect: You normally neglect your family when you’re working at home. There is something wonky about the logic that says I’m doing this for my family if I am neglecting them in the process.

A kind of hunger for work is created in the mind and you always feel that there’s always something extra you can do to grow your business.

Body ache:
If your work is related to computer, you can suffer from a neck pain, back pain, eyes pain and any other problems.

Tensed holidays:
You cannot go for a tension free holiday as you have to find a way to take care of any ongoing maintenance needs of your work.

Endless work:
When you work from home, it can be appealing to be frequently monitoring things, even when you’ve decided you’re not working.

Lack of motivation: As you are working alone at home, no one is standing over your shoulder. You have to provide your own motivation on a minute-by-minute basis. This can be either liberating or a disaster, depending upon your temperament and attitude.

No routine:
You can never run off the office and go home because you are already there.

No encouragement: As your boss can’t see that you are working hard or putting in extra hours, so you are only judged more on the quantity than your work ethic and other intangible factors.

Lack of guarantee: Work and income is not guaranteed.

Monotonous life: If you’re a social butterfly who looks forward to connecting with colleagues in person every day, then the loneliness and isolation from working from home may lead you to a monotonous life.

Factors to overcome above disadvantages
• Make a time table to have a proper routine
• Treat your work place like a real office.
• Remain in touch at the main office. Report in often and let your boss know you are alive and productive.