Woofers and Tweeters for Your Car

Car Stereo Woofers, Tweeters And What They Do

It’s a box that makes music. That’s the extent of technical knowledge for many when it comes to a car stereo system. But, unfortunately for those who don’t know much about stereo systems, they are much more complex than that.

When it comes to a good car stereo system, the speakers often can make or break the deal. If a stereo is top of the line and speakers are less than average, the sound quality and musical range can be greatly impacted. Standard car stereo systems that come stock in a car have pretty basic speakers. This means they generally can’t handle an array of special programming and they’re expected to do it all.

Those who want a little more quality out of their car stereo systems tend to buy replacement speakers right away, but what parts do they look for to make a sound system rock?

There are some basic speaker forms that are necessary for the creation of a good system. These include:

Woofer. It’s not a dog! Rather, this speaker is tasked with producing the lower notes in musical movements. The material a woofer is made out of makes a big difference in sound. If buying it separately, it should be lightweight, but have a stiff material. It should be designed with materials that are meant to withstand heat and cold, as well since cars take a beating from the elements.

Tweeter. Nope, not a bird either! This speaker is tasked with producing the higher sounds from musical movements. It’s a pretty important component that should also be made of materials that meant to withstand the elements. Tweeters should be more flexible than woofers when it comes to materials.

Woofers and tweeters both have a variety of options on the market for their style and the type of sounds they produce. Regardless of the type chosen, buyers should be certain to select speakers that are meant to handle the kind of elements a car’s interior can face. Even though the interior is protected from rain and snow, the effects of extreme cold and heat can put a beating on a speaker system.

Stereo speakers meant for autos will sometimes come with the woofers and tweeters combined in a like box or they may be separate components. The latter is the type serious music lovers seek out as they allow for optimum placement in the vehicle.

More than just a box that creates music, for the serious lover, a car stereo system that offers an array of musical ranges is an absolute necessity.

Source: https://positivearticles.com