Wondering Why Monavie Is Failing You?

Monavie is an awesome company, however, why is it their reps don’t know how to market online?

Monavie has several training programs throughout it’s organizations. “The Team” is one of them. The Team was created by Orrin Woodward, formerly with Amway. The Team formerly consisted of Amway Reps and when Orrin was found to be practicing unethical business building practices, they gave him the boot.

He then took anyone who wanted to come to Mona vie. Orrin built his whole team without the use of the internet. It was done old school style. Making lists of friends and family, cold contacting, etc. In todays day and age his teachings still work, but not for the majority of people. Don’t get me wrong, Orrin is an awesome leader, a renowned author and a respectable guy. What I am really saying is that Orrin Woodward is not an internet marketer, nor can he train his team to build their Monavie business online.

Black Diamond U. is Monavies training system. Upon reviewing Black Diamond University’s system, I can say they have a pretty weak system. Don’t take my word for it, Google it. They teach people to hold “tastings” and have a form to print out and build a list of who you know. Pretty sad considering we live in an internet age. Monavie is a great company, but lets face it, to create any type of momentum in business, you have to be able to talk to 20-30 people a day consistantly. How are you going to accomplish this and have success? Cold Calling? Not a chance.

So how do some do it using old school methods? Well, they have credibility with their list, period.. It’s all about credibility. Chances are, you don’t have a big enough list and it will dry up in about 4 days with your warm market and you have no credibility with your old drinking buddies. In todays day and time, things are much different.

Today we use social media, Adwords, Banner Advertising, List builders, Ezine Solo Ads, Press Releases, blogs, auto-responders and funded proposal sales funnel systems.

We are building relationships with people on the internet all over the world using these forums. It’s very scalable as well.

Quite honestly, I cant remember the last time I did a product demo, attended a hotel meeting or cold contacted anyone. In fact I have people calling me to find out more about my business.

It was not always like that though. I have been through my share of spear-chucking people in malls, cornering people in a starbucks just trying to get a phone number out of them to pitch them at a later time. Needless to say, I had very little success and people never picked up the phone, nor returned my calls.


People are not looking for your Monavie product or service. They couldnt give a crap about how good your compensation plan is, how much revenue your company did in revenue last yea or how many anti-oxidants are in Acai. Fo you know what they are looking for?

A Leader!

People are looking for someone who can help them fast track their success. They are looking for someone who can take them to the promised land. Someone who knows how to grow businesses and build duplicatable systems and teams. Remember, It’s not what YOU can do, it’s what YOU CAN DUPLICATE!

Learn how to brand and position yourself as a leader online. Learn to give before you take. Learn to find out what people’s problems are and help them solve those problems. Don’t be a part of it, be the solution.

Learn how to market your Monavie Business online and plug into a Monavie Internet Marketing Training System to learn how to take your business to a whole new level and attract who you want rather than chase any warm body who will listen.

See You at The Top,

Josh Boxer