Wonderful Baby Shower Etiquette Tips

Baby showers are extremely popular and are one custom that most mothers-to-be practice in many countries. A baby shower is a social event and not just for giving gifts. This is why some etiquette rules will need to be followed. There are varying degrees of etiquette that are followed from country to country but here are some more familiar ones.

1. A baby shower should be held someday before the birth. A common practice is to have it a month to two months before the birth. Some people have been changing this around and having the baby shower after the birth. The beneficial thing about having the party before the birth is that the mother can purchase items that are needed but not given at the baby shower.

2. Normally, someone who is a close friend will host the party for the mom-to-be. Family members and people that she works with are also known to host the baby shower.

3. A baby shower should be given for every baby and not just for the ones born first to mothers. A pregnancy is a cause to rejoice, so there is nothing wrong with throwing a baby shower for subsequent babies.

4. Giving gifts related to babies is the right thing to do. If you are not sure if it is a boy or girl then you can pick neutral colors to give as gifts. Choose gifts that are practical for the needs of the baby like wet wipes, diapers, clothes, and blankets.

5. The host might want to setup games to make it a more interactive event but it is not a necessity. The main thing that should be looked at is drinks, food, and something to keep the conversation interesting. One neat idea is to have a little book setup so guest can write a personalized note to the new mom.

6. The number of people that you can invite will vary according to the accommodations at the location that is chosen. Sometimes, a smaller party can be held before and then plan a larger one after the birth of the baby.

7. The weekend is a common time to have a baby shower since this is the easiest time for people to attend an event that last 2 to 3 hours usually. If everything is going great at the baby shower then the times might be extended.

8. The host will usually have the burden of the planning and cost of the shower but might want to collaborate with close friends.

9. The home of the host is a common place to have the party and makes things more relaxed. It is probably wise to inform the mom-to-be so as to not give her too much surprise and emotional distress.

10. An individually printed invitation is not a requirement. There are many stores taht sell greeting cards and stationery with baby themes. Sending the cards at least three weeks prior to the party is recommended. This will allow guests the time they need to RSVP. It is very important to have directions enclosed.

11. A theme should be considered to add a nice touch and keep it from being boring. Having some fun decorations or even costumes can bring an exciting element to the party.

12. Try to greet each guest personally and when they leave give them a big thanks. The host should never leave during the event and needs to be taking care of the needs of the guests.