Women and Multi-Tasking

I am guilty of it right at this moment. The laundry is in, the morning dishes are running in the dish washer, I am sending fax’s, answering emails and writing this article, oh yes and answering my husbands questions as well. Wow I am an expert at not doing it right. So this is my commitment to myself and you. I stat today to follow the suggestions below, to the best of my ability. I am now focusing on the article and all other distractions will have to wait. Did you know that doing too much damages your memory and your health? Even your skin’s appearance and function is effected. As tempting as it is to me to believe I am more productive when I am doing more things, experts tell us the opposite is true. Lets look at the drawbacks of multitasking.

1.Strained brain. Multitasking is only effective when doing things that are automatic, i.e. breathing while chewing gum. You can’t concentrate on two visual tasks at once, says Meyer.

2.Damaged memory possibly permanently. Your memory and future ablities are compromised when you do many different tasks at one time. Multi-tasking utilizes short- term memory, so people who multi-task often cannot take in new information fully; Not enough time to think about one issue exclusively make it to avaliable to the long term memory. Also, because multi-tasking is stressful, the body has to release stress hormones that end up diverting attention and energy from memory forming parts of the brain. Damage on the surface of the skin and the skin’s eliminating and protecting functions are compromised by stress hormones.

3.Weakened immune system. Multi-tasking can be exhausting, and distressed people don’t sleep well. Americans, in general, are sleep-deprived. Because poor sleep leads to even more fatigue, leading to more stress, the body’s immune system is damaged. Because of this, it is harder to fight off infections, like colds, and we are more susceptible to stress-associated diseases, like heart disease and high blood pressure, even obesity and diabetes. Stress encourages overeating and interferes with metabolism.

4. Damaged skin, and premature signs of aging. Expression lines on the face when you are not expressing come form scowling, frowning and squinting due to stress.

Smarter Ways to Get Things Done:

1.Figure out your intentions for the week. Identify what you really need to focus on in a week’s time.

2.Make a daily list of task in order of importance and stick to it.

3.The margin in books makes the book easier to read and margin in your life make your life easier to live. This will usually fill itself up, if it was not there you would be over scheduled. The margin not used is your gift to yourself and how often do you get the gift of time.

4.Be aware of time! Over scheduling can lead to stress. Determine how long something will actually take.

5.Take breaks. Don’t spend more than 90 consecutive minutes on one particular task.

6.Learn to say NO. This is not a negative act.

7.Clean off your desk. This makes it easier to focus.

8.Good enough is enough. Excellence and perfectionism are not the same, perfectionism is an unhealthy attitude setting you up for failure.

9.Enjoy life, stay healthy, have fun.