Womans Snowboards

Women’s Snowboard Differ from Men’s

A snowboard nowadays is specifically tuned to each person’s weight, height, and foot size. Because of the vast differences between men’s and women’s physiques and style snowboards are tailored specifically to each gender.

There are several factors that differ between a woman’s and man’s snowboard. These include the board’s width, sidecut, length, graphic color and flex. Each of these traits are tailored specifically to a woman’s height, weight and foot size.

The width of a snowboard is important because it should fit your foot perfectly. Your heel and toes should be flush with the board. Woman’s feet are much smaller than a man’s is, so of course a woman’s board is not as wide in the center. When the board is fitting properly, it will make your turns cleaner and easier to complete. A board’s sidecut goes hand in hand with the width. The sidecut is the shape of the curve that runs lengthwise along a snowboard’s edges. Woman’s snowboards have deeper sidecut making it easier to handle on turns.

Snowboard length is the most drastic of the differences. The length of your board is a factor between your weight, height, and riding style. Depending on your riding style, women’s boards should come between a rider’s chest and chin. If the preferred riding style is steep mountains and deep powder then a longer board is required. However, if the preferred style is gentler slopes or if learning for the first time a shorter board is recommended. A shorter board is much easier to control and more responsive, therefore making it a better choice for a beginner.

Most women like to have boards with graphics that are geared towards their tastes. Women’s snowboards are colors such as purple, pinks, and light blues. Unlike men’s boards are darker and the graphics on the board are anything but desirable to a woman.

Lastly flex is another difference between women’s and men’s snowboards. Flex is how the board bends lengthwise and between the edges. It is important to choose the correct flex according to weight. A woman of the same height of man will typically weigh less; therefore a difference in a board’s flex is necessary. Flex aids the rider while making turns, so using a softer flex allows for easier maneuvering.

Because of the sensitivity of these four factors, width, sidecut, length, graphic color and flex, it is important to understand the differences between a woman’s and man’s snowboard. It is possible to ride any board on the market, but riding a board specifically tailored to a woman’s physique makes riding much more enjoyable and easier.

Source: https://positivearticles.com