Without this ONE foundational secret you will never reach success

Do you know what the #1 most important thing you can do to impact and sky rocket your success is? The one thing has a more dramatic affect on your becoming successful and living your dreams over everything else.

Knowing this one thing will give you meaning, fulfillment and will have you fired up and excited about life. It will feel as though a major weight has been lifted off of you.

On the other hand, not knowing this one thing can cause you to agonize in frustration and emptiness. It can rob you of your joy and leave you unfulfilled and questioning your very existence.

I hope you’re taking this seriously, as you can see it’s not a laughing matter.

This one thing I’m Talking about is your WHY in life. It’s your reason for getting up every morning. So what’s your reason?? …Does it motivate you and cause you to get up early, be excited and fly out of bed? Does it have you excited about your future?

Or do you not really have a WHY in your life right now. Do you not have a burning, fired up, future pulling, inspirational reason for living. If not that’s ok…but we can’t let you go on like that!!

It time you uncovered your WHY. But how? Let me offer you some assistance…

First if you’re spiritual, pray about it. Seek spiritual guidance and answers as discussed in Fitness For Success Ask God to reveal his plan for your life.

To assist you in finding your passion and purpose here are some awesome questions to help you out…

If you could do anything in your life and you knew you couldn’t fail (success was guaranteed) what would be 3 things you would do?

What do you enjoy doing and would probably do for free if money were not an option?

What do others say you are good at?…Don’t know go ask them.

What do you feel inside your deepest emotions you were meant to do even though you doubt it or are a bit scared of it?

My friend those are some real good questions to dig into. Meditate on them and write down your answers and “Uncover Your Why” within them. Get out of your head and into your heart with this, it’s the only way.

If you still are not sure that’s ok but you must keep seeking. Pray for wisdom and ask that it be revealed to you. You might be surprised at what happens.

One of the reasons that you may be having a hard time is found in your personal development. I have found that the more I grow, the more my purpose gets revealed. You may just need to grow some more in your personal development to find your purpose.

Here some assistance in that area for you…

We have a great product called Fitness For Success that assist you with this. You can check it out at www.FitnessForSuccess.com.

God Bless.

My best wishes
Your friend,

~ Fired up Phil