Without Integrating Enjoyment, You’ll Suffocate!

We all experience high-stress workplaces where longer work weeks, fewer raises and too few vacations are the norm and where multi-tasking rules your work day. You can find news ways to turn this into both productive and enjoyable times and you owe it to yourself to do this.

If you don’t integrate more enjoyment into your work load, you will suffocate!

That dreaded phrase, multi-tasking, is translating into new responsibilities piled way too high upon way too many demanding deadlines for today’s already overworked labor force. You cannot give your full focus on any one project if you’re multi-tasking because you are trying to do too much simultaneously: talk on your cell phone, check email and look at reports while someone walking by waves because they want some time with you as well. It makes you want to pull your hair out!

You wouldn’t want to suffocate, so it’s best to interject some enjoyment. It’s a great idea to integrate enjoyable things to do into your work routine instead. You can effectively create a more manageable, more simple way to handle the hours in your day, to avoid all that stress and achieve both focus and productivity.

Here are Nine Ways to Integrate vs. Suffocate

Take a walk outside the office or up and down the stairs to other floors (yes, you can read this as: exercise) while poring over assignments or proof reading completed work. Do discreet stretching exercises while on the phone with a client. Take the kids and a spouse or caretaker along on an out-of-town business trip. Schedule a fun activity for them while you’re working and meet them later for a fun dinner in a new place that each of you can enjoy.

Or, consider integrating an out-of-town meeting with a visit to an old friend who lives nearby. Spend a few extra minutes each morning just planning your day. Try spending a few extra minutes each morning incorporating fun “to do” activities with your “To Do” work list. Pick one night a week to schedule a fun activity with your friends, and keep one weekend day open just to regroup.

The point is this: If you have a fun activity that is healthier for you integrated into your working day, your level of stress of just thinking about the huge load of work will be radically decreased. We know this pile will always be there, so weaving some enjoyment into these activities will have you looking forward to time you will spend proactively balancing your lifestyle with your work.