WithInAsThru Your Choice to Create Consciously

Life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation and pure choice. All that you perceive in your world is the outcome of your idea about it. You are always fully engaged in this process, whether you are aware of it or not, conscious to this truth or not. This is because nothing in life is ever just happening to you, your life, as you live it, is occurring withinasthru you, as you create and choose your life to be. Even as you are sitting here, reading these words, your life is occurring withinasthru you. Now all you need to do is decide what you will choose next. What will be your next creation?

The first step is getting clear about what you desire. Desire is the beginning of creating your dreams, true. Desire comes before thought. It is a heart passion felt withinasthru your very soul. We have all been told, “ask and it shall be given” and “knock and doors will open.” Desire is our way of asking, our process of knocking. The promise is that you always get what you ask for. Your promise then, is to ask. Ask with a readiness to receive.

Once you have clarity of desire, engage the process of creation with your very next thought. Thought is the next step through the doorway manifested by your desire. Nothing exists, or has ever existed without a thought. From the simplest concept to the most complex invention, everything begins with a thought. Thoughts create ideas, words and things.

The next step in creation is word. Every word is a thought revealed. Words are creative and send creative energy, withinasthru your life. Words are more vibrant than thought, because they occur differently withinasthru you, once spoken. They disrupt, or change, the field of creation that you’ve engaged with greater impact. Speak and hear yourself speak. Listen to the words that you have created. Once words of desire and thought have been spoken, the dream is permanent; an infinite part of the creative process. Only then can there be action.

Actions are words in motion. Words are thoughts expressed. Thoughts are ideas formed. Ideas are energies of desire manifested. Energies of desire are magnetic forces released. Forces are elements in existence. Elements are particles of the all that is, the very stuff everything is.

To think, speak and act upon inspired desires creates a burning passion to be something, to do something, to have something. Now add the ingredient of knowing. Add the modesty of gratitude. Because once you have the desire that you’ve asked for withinasthru thought, word and action, there is no other prayer necessary than a prayer of thanksgiving. The more you learn to live in this place of knowingness, the more you live with a constant and ever-expanding gratitude. Be grateful for what you create and you will feed the creative process. Creation without gratitude is often fleeting, because it lacks the appreciation to hold it in existence.

If there is an aspect of creation you find you no longer enjoy, thank it for what it has taught you and move on to the next beginning with a new desire, a new thought, a new word, a new action. Your next action. Simply choose again. Request the next fulfillment to your desire and this circle continues withinasthru your entire life, exactly as it is occurring withinasthru you right now.

Your life is can be created consciously, the choice is yours. It is up to you to manifest your dreams through desire, thought, word and action. It all moves withinasthru you as energy. Your energy. Your light. You can never give up on creation; you are doing it every second of every day. Breathing is a creation. Sleeping is a creation. Holding a loved one is a creation. Continue creating and you are on your way to revealing the life of your dreams. Your life – lived WithInAsThru you.

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