“With the Moves Day”

Have you ever experienced a day when everything went right?

I remember seeing a TV commercial and they showed a basketball player making some unbelievable shots all in a row. It made me remember a very special day in my past known as “With the Moves Day”.

A good friend and I named March 28th, 1992 – “With the Moves Day.”

On this day, we could do no wrong on the basketball court in my backyard. It was a gorgeous sunny day; we were sinking every shot we took. It was amazing. We didn’t even have to look at the basket and the ball would go in.

I want to help you experience your own “With the Moves Day.”

Looking back on that day, I have realized that “With the Moves Day” was created because we were happy that we didn’t make any mistakes. The reality is both my friend and I have made many mistakes since that day. Where we are today is because of challenges we have faced and overcome. Making mistakes is part of life and they are as natural as eating and breathing.

Perfection is truly impossible to strive for. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t have to go to school, we wouldn’t have to learn how to drive, we would basically know everything. Failure is something that we are guaranteed to experience, and through these experiences there is opportunity to learn.

Everyday is a “With the Moves Day” because the moves you do today will define where you end up tomorrow. You don’t have to have a perfect day to feel good. Plus, you are in control of changing your moves if you are not achieving what you want to accomplish.

Now let’s strengthen that thing between your ears.

1. On separate documents or pieces of paper, write down three major mistakes that you have made in the past one to two years.

2. For each mistake make list of all the things you have learned from the mistake.

3. What observations about your mistakes do you have after doing this exercise? Are they really mistakes?

4. Would you say that “With the Moves Day” is about not making mistakes? Why or why not?

5. What can you do each day to make it a “With the Moves Day”?