Winter Wedding Theme

Winter Theme Wedding Ideas

Although most of the wedding ceremonies are scheduled during Summer and Spring, no one will stop you if you decide to hold your wedding during the winter season. So if at this point you have decided to get married when the snow is falling and everyone is celebrating the holidays, then here are some winter theme wedding ideas for you:

Where to have a winter wedding?

Ski resort, a private club or a historic mansion can be some of your choices when you want a winter wedding atmosphere. But if you want a private wedding with few people invited, a house or inn with a fireplace can already make the ceremony intimate. That is of course if you live or want to hold your wedding at the state with a guaranteed snow during the date of your wedding.

If otherwise you live or plan to hold your wedding to place without snow but are still cold, then you have to add winter elements to the wedding to make it more winter-themed.

Tip: Make sure that the place where you plan to hold your wedding is adequately heated during the winter season, especially during your wedding date. Check if they use seasonal decorations as most places are already heavily decorated during this time of the year. This will save you money.

What to wear at the winter wedding?

Bride – It is always expected that a bride would wear a long silk gown during the wedding since wedding gowns are often designed to be worn during a temperate climate. The wedding gown suitable during the winter wedding should involve more capes, shrugs, wraps, and coats to protect the bride from cool temperature. Unless of course, you want to hold your wedding in an adequately heated room. The thing is, you have to adapt your dress to the venue of the wedding and the activities where you will do.

Groom – and groomsmen do not require special designs for their attire. A coat and long pants would be enough.

What to serve at the reception?

To get a winter theme wedding cakes, decorate with sugar sculptures, silver embellishments, or snowflake patterns. Special treats can include spiced wine, eggnog or hot chocolate. Ask your caterer to serve food that would be timely and would fit your wedding theme.

What flowers to use?

White and silver flowers are perfect for winter theme weddings. To celebrate the season, red and green can be used as well. White flowers include roses, crocus, stephanotis, lilies, and football mums. Silver flowers include baby blue eucalyptus, silver-dollar eucalyptus, and dusty miller. For less expensive flowers, there are roses, tulips, and ornamental berries, which grow during the winter season. Talk to your florist on what flowers you want to use.

What décors fit the winter wedding theme?

Any Christmas decorations like Christmas tree, mistletoe, etc. will do if you want to achieve the ambiance of winter. Do not invite Santa Claus and his reindeers though. Add some lighting effect around the room using pillars of candles arranged with white pillars. Use floating candles as a simple holiday centerpiece decorated with snowflake effects.

The thing is, there are probably thousands of ideas you can apply to your winter wedding. All you have to do is to use your imagination or ask your friends for contribution on what are the things that will truly make a winter wedding special.