Winning the Scholarship Game

Maybe you’re not the potential All-American college coaches dream about.

Maybe you are not in the top ten percent of your class.

And, maybe you have not held leadership positions in school clubs and activities.

So, you’re a pretty bad bet for a college scholarship, right?

Don’t be so sure. In reality, there may be lots of scholarships for which you may qualify. But, you’ll have to actively look for them.

Start with a visit to your school counselor. He or she will almost certainly be able to tell you about numerous scholarships awarded to students in your area by local businesses, churches, clubs, and service organizations.

Next, make a list of your family’s affiliations. Where do your family members work? Where do they worship? To what clubs and organizations do they belong? Check out all of them and you may find more scholarships, including some totally unrelated to grades or test scores.

And, don’t forget the internet. You can try matching yourself to millions of dollars in scholarships by using one of many free scholarship searches.

By doing some research you’ll find not only scholarships for high academic performance, but also for particular talents, family affiliations, students wishing to major in specific areas, and countless other categories.

You will also discover essay writing and other academic contests you can enter to win scholarships.

There is no shortage of scholarship money out there for ambitious students of all ages. But, you have to spend some time and energy finding them, you must fill out your scholarship applications carefully, and you must be aware of and adhere to deadlines.

Happy hunting!