Winning the Race

In addition to working hard and refusing to give up, something else separates winners from losers. Those who understand and apply it are winners. You can apply it too. You can be a winner!

I don’t know anyone who would admit that they do not want to succeed. It is very difficult to find someone who proclaims that they would really prefer to fail, rather than to succeed in life. Most people would say that they do want to reach their goals (at least those who still have goals).

However, you and I know that not everyone achieves their goals. We have all seen some succeed and some fail. In life, there will always be winners and there will always be losers. Some will fail while others succeed.

Some people have a real desire to do something or to be somebody. They can see where they would like their life to be. But, the problem for them is that they never really get started on the journey. They cling to the wishing attitude of, “Well, that would sure be nice.” They may see where they would “like to be,” but they don’t know how to get there, and that’s as far as it goes. Instead, they just choose to settle for wherever their life is now.

Then, there are people who get really excited about their goals and dreams. They begin with all the enthusiasm of a champion racehorse exploding out of the gates at the Kentucky Derby. They run full speed as fast and as hard as they can. But, sadly, that excitement is short lived, and they give up, and quit very quickly.

We have all seen people who decide to roll up their sleeves, and begin to work hard and systematically, refusing to quit and refusing to get discouraged. They come up with a system or a plan that they are convinced will work. However, they lack the flexibility to make adjustments along the way. They have convinced themselves that their plans and methods are the only way to arrive at their destination. They unknowingly wear blinders, and consequently, they miss great opportunities for success.

For example, a person may be convinced of a certain marketing strategy. That’s what they will use exclusively, no matter what. They are not open to investigating any other avenues. They believe that if they just work hard and long using this strategy, and don’t quit, it will happen eventually.

Without being flexible, your margin for success becomes very narrow. The times we live in are changing daily. (Even our English language adds new words every week.) Working hard and refusing to quit are both admirable qualities, but resistance to change can hinder your success.

Finally, there are those who work hard, refuse to give up, and are willing to change their plans and strategies if necessary. They don’t have the attitude, “I know what I am doing, and I have it all figured out.” Instead, their attitude is, “I want to learn. Is there something more I need to know? Is there another way?”

Horseracing offers a good analogy. Although I do not know very much about the sport, I do know that it is not just the fastest horse, or the horse that breaks out of the gate ahead of the rest that wins the race. There is strategy involved. Strategy not only plays a major role, it changes from time to time depending on the circumstances.

In fact, I am told that there are numerous factors involved in the strategy for each and every race. Factors may include the type of track, the weather, the length of the race and the other horses competing in the race. You cannot instruct a jockey to just simply go at full speed and not give up. Strategy is involved.

In life, there are times when we too need to adjust our strategy.

So, work hard, refuse to give up, but be flexible in your plans and strategies. You can cross the finish line a winner. You can succeed!