Wine Tastings and their Mysteries

Have you watched wine tasters before? Take note of their ‘rituals’ in tasting various kinds of wines. First, they tilt the wine glass and then swirl the wine. After that, wine tasters sniff the wine and gargle it before they finally spit the wine out. This ‘ritual’ is very important in determining the wine’s quality; so don’t be surprised to see if wine tasters do those things.

Tasters tilt the wine glass so that they can determine a wine’s age. Tasting the wine’s color is very important as it determines its clarity. Once the glass is tilt, you will see that a young wine has a dark colored edge and a faintly lighter color at the edge indicates an old wine. This is used for testing red wines. For the white wines, you need to look down straight at the wine. Greater clarity will be indicated by more sparkles in the wine, like that of diamonds.

By swirling the wine in the glass, you can test the wine’s body. If the wine adheres to the wine glass’ sides, it has greater body. There are also times when the wine doesn’t adhere to the glass’ body.

The aroma of wines is tested by swirling it on the glass and then sniffing its vapors deeply. Younger red wines smell like berries and there is also a slight smell of chocolate, liquorice, spice, and mint. Older red wines smell more like prunes or raisons; wines that are of no good or too old smell like that of vinegar. The same pattern is followed by white wines.

Try sipping a bit of wine and roll it over your tongue. Place the wine at the center of your tongue and gargle it to release its flavor. If the tip of your tongue is tingling, it indicates a sweet wine. Acid wines will give you needles and pin-like sensations at the sides of your tongue. If you feel dryness all throughout your mouth, indicates a wine with high tannin. Tannin is considered as natural preservatives and you often find them in younger red wines.

Before swallowing the wine, try to observe if there is concentration of deep fruit in the wine. In tasting wines, it is advised that you swallow the wine little by little. The best of wines should display a pleasant and lingering finish.

Connoisseurs are the expert wine tasters. Not everyone can assess the wine’s quality even if they follow the so-called rituals because it takes time and experience to identify the best wines in the world. But if you want to indulge yourself in wine tastings, you may do so and make sure that you learn from the experts.

If you have the makings of a connoisseur, join wine tastings now. There are a lot wines sold all over the world and if you’re a wine lover, wine tastings will do you good. There are also wine tasting tours that you might want to try out.

Before you succeed as a connoisseur in wine tastings, make sure that you master the ‘rituals’. It takes time and patience; even if you encounter some difficulties, don’t give up and try to learn from your past mistakes. Always keep in mind that experts started out just like the other beginners.

Wine tasting is a good way to know the best wines in the market.