Wine Tasting Destinations The Places for Wine Lovers to Visit

Whether you consider yourself as an expert in tasting wine or not, you will see that there are quite a lot of holiday packages that will accommodate you and let you enjoy a wine-tasting holiday. Today, you will see that there are quite a lot of vineyard tours in some of the best wine growing regions in the world. And, you don’t have to be an expert wine taster in order for you to enjoy a holiday in one of these tours.

Imagine, spending your day in a luxurious villa or cottage, enjoying the great scenery, and sampling some of the best wines and local cuisines of the region? What could be better?

When wine tasting holiday comes to mind, the first thing that people thinks about is France. Besides, France is known to be the best wine producing country in the world. Also, France is known to be a country full of vineyards and excellent conditions that helps in producing the finest wines in the world.

If you plan on going to France, then going to the Champagne region to spend your wine tasting holiday would be your best bet. Champagne is one of the most popular wine growing regions in the country. Here, you can rent a holiday cottage or villa which is quite affordable. Also, this part of France is easy to get to and offers a lot of vineyards that you can visit. What this means is that in a single day, you will be able to visit different vineyards and sample different types of champagnes.

Another great wine tasting destination in France is the Loire region. This region is home to some of the most excellent French wines in the world, such as the lightly fruited Vouvray, and the citrus-scented Sancerre.

If you want to sample other wines aside from the French kind, then Spain is the country that you should go to. You have to consider the fact that Spain is becoming one of the best wine producers in the world today. Imagine, in this country, you will not only be able to sample great wines, but you will also be able to work on your tan. There are quite a lot of great holiday villas and farmhouses that you can rent while you are on vacation.

In Spain, you might want to visit La Rioja, which is home to what is arguably the finest wine in Spain. You will see that it is easy to rent a small cottage in this region which is located at the heart of the vineyard area.

Italy is another great wine producing country that you should visit whenever you plan a wine tasting holiday. Almost every region of Italy produces wine and each region claims to produce some of the best wine and food.

You can also try traveling to South Africa where you will be able to find great vineyards that you can visit. Aside from wine tasting, you will see that most vineyards can accommodate a family vacation as well as safari tours that you and your family will truly enjoy.

These are just some of the many wine tasting holiday destinations that you should visit. As a wine lover, you will see that the world will be able to offer you different kinds of wine that will surely give you a great time.