Wine Stoppers Can Add Flair to Your Kitchen or Dining Table

These days wine stoppers not only help preserve wine but many people are using them as decorative items. Wine stoppers are often placed in an empty bottle as the main focus of a table centerpiece. Still others will use several wine stoppers with bottles of different colors and shapes and create a countertop display. Even if you don’t have a wine theme, bottle stoppers can be used in a variety of ways to add color and style. Whether you have a very elegant style to your home décor or something more casual there is a wine stopper for you.

Wine bottle stoppers are made from a variety of materials and come in an array of designs and styles. Typically the base of a stopper (the part that is inserted into the bottle) is made from chrome or cork. The top part of the wine stopper is where all of the variation occurs.

At the extremely elegant end of the style spectrum are wine stoppers that are hand-crafted with crystals and often precious metals or stones. Faberge, famous for the jeweled eggs of czarist Russia, makes a line of bottle stoppers patterned after some of their most famous eggs. Several designers, such as Jay Strongwater, use Swarovski crystals in their elegant stoppers. Bottle stoppers like these are considered collectible works of art. You can find other high-end wine stoppers from prominent companies like Tiffany and Waterford-Wedgewood.

Also elegant, but not quite as expensive, are blown glass wine bottle stoppers which come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. These can range quite a bit in price. Typically the most expensive ones come from Murano, Italy famous for its glass blowing craftsmen. You can also find glassblowers in many local communities that create their own designs.

If your style is more shabby chic, there is company, called Knobstoppers, that makes wine stoppers out of vintage door knobs. Glass doorknobs are the most common, but you’ll also find them made out of metal, wood, and porcelain. Each Knobstopper ends up being unique since they are made from actual vintage doorknobs. Often bits of paint from a bygone era will give the door knob character and make it one of a kind. This company also makes wine stoppers out of vintage pool balls.

For a rustic look, you can find stoppers made from wood. Generally these are made from hand turned hard woods and come in a variety of shapes and colors. For a western or Texan flair on your wood wine stopper you can find them enhanced with metal discs with different designs like cattle, the state of Texas, and cowboys.

Most common are pewter wine stoppers which have the most variation in shapes and themes. In addition to traditional unpainted pewter stoppers, you can find many that are painted with bright bold colors. Because of the variety of pewter bottle stoppers available you can usually find one that matches the theme of your decor. For instance, if you have a beach theme to your home, you can find pewter stoppers shaped like ships, lighthouses, sea shells, dolphins, and a variety of other nautical items. If you have a more romantic flair, you can find pewter bottle stoppers in the shape of roses, angels, hearts, and cherubs.

If you are seeking something more fun, you can find many whimsical wine stoppers. Lolita has a collection of stoppers that are adorned with feathers, beads, and faux crystals that are painted with bright colors and have fun names like “Birthday Girl”, “Shopaholic”, and “The Queen.”

No matter your design preference and price range, you can find a wine bottle stopper that can be used to enhance your home décor and add some extra panache to your overall decorating theme. Not only do the look great, but they still help preserve your wine!