Wine Glasses – Gift That Combines Form with Function

The popularity of wine has led to a veritable plethora of accessories to go with it. Any type of wine accessory will be a welcome and useful gift for a wine lover. In this article we will talk about the most basic and necessary accessory item: wine glasses.

Wine glasses are an essential accessory for any wine drinker. A good set of glasses will not only be beautiful to look at but will enhance the wine tasting experience. The shape of the glass is very influential on the taste and aroma of the wine served so it is key to purchase the correct glasses for the type of wine being served.

Red wines benefit greatly from being served in glasses that have a wide base that somewhat tapers to a thinner lip. This shape provides ample room for the wine to breathe while the narrower top holds the flavor and bouquet in for the drinker’s enjoyment. Cabernet, Merlot and Bordeaux are three suggestions for wines that should be served in this type of glassware.

White wines do not need to breathe as long as red wines so tend to have narrower bowls than the red wine glasses. Because white wines are usually best served chilled, the design helps keep the wine cold by not exposing as much surface to the air. Some white wines that are served in this type of glass include Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.

Champagne glasses, also called champagne flutes, are taller with thin, narrow bowls. The goal of these type of glasses is to prevent much aeration so that it stays attractively effervescent and stays chilled. There are also sherry glasses that are smaller than other wine glasses but these are less commonly used than the other three styles.

An important facet of wine glass design is the stem. Although it has become more popular to use stemless glasses for wine drinking, a true connoisseur of wine tasting will never use these. The stem is actually made to be able to hold the wineglass for a reason. Holding the bowl of the wine glass will change the temperature of the wine which will negatively impact the flavor of the wine.

Wine glasses come in a large variety of price points to fit into any gift giver’s budget. This will mainly depend on the quality and material used in making the glass set. Obviously, a standard glass will be less expensive but you will generally not find as much in creative designs as you would with higher end materials.

Hand blown glass is a bit higher priced and much more delicate when used in wineglasses. Designs using hand blown glass however can be very beautiful. Wine glass sets made from hand blown glass are lovely decor accents when properly displayed in an open wine rack.

You can also purchase crystal wine glass sets for a very elegant and sophisticated gift. Crystal wine glass sets can be very ornate and opulent. Crystal presents your wine in the best possible way, adding sparkle and elegance to the table.

No matter which that you choose, a wine lover is sure to appreciate a gift of good wine glasses. This is a wine gift that can combine the best of form and function.