Wine and Cheese The Perfect Pair

It is nice to know that there are countries that actually honor the existence of pairing wine with cheese, the perfect combination. Somewhere in Canada there lies a convention that is purely devoted to cheese and wine as a beautiful pair served during special occasions and in formal table settings. Conventions like these are not new and not that rare, therefore it is apparent that people back in the early dates till the present has the connotation that wine really is perfect for cheese. Wine tasting can never be considered good without the presence of cheese.

Facts which are nice to realize about cheese and wine pairing is that the combination was famous and has survived about four thousand years of aging. They are indeed one long-lasting couple. It is evident in both products that they are made from substances which are living and improves through the passing of time. Both came from undying fermentation stages. Now, with region, soil and climate combined, wine and cheese have come a long way to be called as the perfect pair.

Some traditionalists suggest that cheese and wine should be paired according to the strength and region. The purpose of this is to prevent over empowerment of the other. A separate reason is the levels of tannin present. Compared to white wines, red wines have considerably higher concentrations which affect the characteristics of a good pair. Therefore, it has already been concluded that wines that have a higher level of tannin will pair well to cheese categories which are hard.

For those cheeses that are creamier, a wine that has a higher dose of acidity is more advised. For fruitier, crispier wine, fresher and whiter cheeses are embossed together. Rich of cheese with a heavier content can be partnered with wine having light reds or even in the name of Chardonnay. For those who fancy wine served during desserts or with sweets, a veined, strong cheese is more appropriate to tingle your taste buds.

Some of the examples that you can follow in choosing the best wine and cheese combination are as follows:

Cabarnet Franc can go with no rind, Munster or Gouda.

Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc are wonderfully paired with cheeses from goats such as Feta, Emmental or even Averti.

Grenache or Bordeaux is well paired to the Tilsit, Parmigiano, or even Cantal which are all oiled.

Complexity of Syrah will go well with Gubbeen or Chaput.
Sauternes will go together with Mascarpone or Cambonzola.

Cheese can either be from different sources like the famous cow’s milk, ewe or sheep’s milk and goat’s milk. Furthermore, traditionalists are usually favoring the rules of wines and cheeses which are full-bodied. For the radicals, experimentation favors the alternative and zesty ones. For the anarchists, there are no rules to be stuck with.

If you would want to know the status of wines from all over the globe, there are sites and brochures which indicate wine and cheese as the best pair in every successful wine featuring occasion. Whatever it is that you have running inside your mind right now, it is pertinent that for wine to taste as exquisite as one expects, cheese should also be served.

Pairing wine and cheese is a classic. Being consumed together for thousands of years is enough reason to believe that wine tasting wouldn’t be complete without cheese’s presence.