Windows and Doors – Small Touches That Make All the Difference

Just like anything in life, it’s the small things that make the difference and that’s why a little extra here and there can make your conservatory stand out.

As a conservatory is primarily made of glass, it is essential that the type of window you choose complements the rest of the structure. Your conservatory may have a contemporary feel, or perhaps it looks more traditional. The first thing that many people may notice is the window leading. This is the pattern that is formed when individual panes of glass are placed within a lead frame. Georgian-style windows tend to be split into 6 or 9 equal panes, and so this type of leading would suit a traditional, hardwood conservatory. Whereas modern styles of conservatory, typically made from aluminium, tend to keep away from any leading at all with just 1 pane of glass per window. Many people prefer this option as it allows for the best views of the garden.

There are a few options for choose from when looking at which doors to fit in your conservatory. If your conservatory will open up onto paving or decking, which may be a socialising area, you could install doors that will allow for you and your family to easily move between the conservatory and garden. Bi-folding doors are great for this scenario. When closed, they blend in well with the rest of the conservatory and it almost looks as if there is no door at all. Opened bi-folding doors allow almost the whole of the side of the conservatory to open up to the outdoors, and your garden. This type of door is suited to contemporary-style conservatories.

If your extension is more traditional, French doors are a great equivalent. However, the opening is not as big as bi-folding doors, which can stretch the nearly the entire side of the extension. But if it’s the classic style you’re after – they’re perfect.

As mentioned above, traditional-style conservatories will tend to be made of hardwood, and contemporary-styles of aluminium. Obviously it would make sense to keep the material for the window and door frames the same, but there are some designs out there which break away from convention.

These finishing touches can turn a great conservatory into a stunning conservatory. But make sure you pick a suitable style that complements the design of your extension, and also the rest of your home.