Wigs for hair loss | discolouring wigs | toupees

Wigs for hair loss are a good choice, as many cosmetic problems can be as sudden or as traumatic as hair loss. In creating our self-image our hair will play a big part of our looks. Embarrassment and despair follows when hair disappears or falls out in great amount.

Wealth of options

If you can’t sustain surgery or have been informed that the drugs wouldn’t work on your condition, don’t disappoint, there is a wealth of options available to you other than wigs for hair loss. For trauma related temporary hair loss also these solutions will work.

Wigs for hair loss – plays an important role

I am not talking about wigs for Hair loss alone. If the Wigs do play an important part for cancer patients and people where their hair loss on the head is total or near total. The positive boost on the self-image outweighs the discomfort of wearing a wig in these instances. These days the wigs are made of high class synthetic fibres like acrylic or real hair and can be cut, shaped are treated like your own hair. Finding the existence of the wigs for hair loss is a real problem of making. Methods exist from wire ring implants in your head to creating loops of skin behind your ears to efficiently tie the hairpiece to your head. Between the two methods, in most cases, the most cost efficient option if you have some hair left is, to go with one that can be fixed firmly to your existing hair.

Discolouring the wig

You may already know about wigs for hair loss. When exposed to sun and the sea with time natural hair changes colour, which is why blonde, surfers very often go even more blonde during the surfing period. The old colour comes back as new hair grows. In the case wigs this is not true. The permanent new colour of the wig is the wig that the sun has discoloured.

I am also discussing about toupees, hair weaving, hair extensions and hair bonding fusions other than wigs for hair loss.


Partial baldness can be cured with Toupees but have similar issues as wigs for Hair loss. In fact they are simply small wigs with all the same benefits and all the same drawbacks. ‘Displacement’ is an additional greater risk in a toupee as it is smaller and also has to mix together with more of the natural hair.

Hair Weaving

With whatever hair that is left on the head, a constricted hair is weaved into. This is the process in Hair weaving. The only problem is that it can very often speed up the hair loss, as the wigs for hair loss needs re-tightening the weave as your natural hair grows.

Hair extensions

By adding hair to your existing hair other than wigs for hair loss there are two ways to increase the hair on your head viz., Hair extensions and hair bonding. Extensions are really only fitting for women and require a great deal of hair already. When hair loss is in a limited area due to trauma this is perfectly suitable. Hair bonding uses special glue to bond the extensions to your existing hair, but can also be glued to your scalp, making it suitable for where there is no hair or where larger areas are experiencing hair loss.