Why Your Dream Meanings Are Not Always Obvious

Do you fully understand the power of your dreams?

They truly can show you the right steps to take to ensure that you achieve your goals. But in order to do so you have to be certain that what you dream is actually significant.

You see there are many elements all around you that can influence what you dream about. If you go to bed hungry and dream about food, or thirsty and dream about drinking or water, then you can see that the content probably relates to your bodily conditions. So is this sort of dream going to reveal anything significant to you in determining your future actions?

Similarly, what relevance can be gained from dreams influenced by alcohol, drugs, or even a spicy meal too near to bedtime?

Likewise you need to create the right mindset for meaningful dreaming. Watching films or reading books like horror stories, murder mysteries, or science fiction too near to bedtime is bound to have considerable influence on your dream content. Whereas reading a good self-improvement or motivational topic will probably inspire your dream activity.

In this modern age many of us have televisions in our bedrooms and watch programs regularly just before we go off to sleep. Is that going to promote meaningful dreams that will help you to reach your life goals? I would say not in most cases, but sometimes you need to look beyond the obvious when analyzing your dreams.

I don’t watch a lot of TV but one night recently there was a program that I really didn’t want to miss. It was the latest of a series where well-known people are given extreme challenges which involve overcoming their fears. The TV Newsreader concerned had to train for and then complete an amazingly difficult course kayaking around an Island off the coast of the UK.

The route involved going through what are said to be the most dangerous waters in the area and battling through huge waves and vicious currents. On top of that the person featured had a long-standing fear of the sea to overcome.

Happily she achieved the task, despite capsizing in massive foaming waves at one stage, and it was a truly inspiring and moving program.

It got me thinking about my own fears and whether I would have the same courage to overcome them. I’m not so sure I would!

So what’s this got to do with dreams?

Well soon after watching the program I went to bed and not surprisingly had a vivid dream. It was about being in a helicopter but having to get out in mid-air to transfer to another larger craft. It was a really daunting task. I was shown how to do it and then we landed. I was briefed and we were due to take off again for me to actually perform this mid-air movement.

To be honest I was terrified and in the end refused to go ahead with it.

My dream then ended but what was it telling me?

Well for a start it was obviously influenced by the TV program I had watched and so maybe was not that significant. But it did get me thinking!

You see I don’t have a fear of flying at all. But there was another aspect of the dream that did strike a chord. Recently I have been working on a project regarding the area of self-improvement and it has led me to think about things I would like to change about myself.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m certainly not a control freak, but I do like to be in situations where I manage what happens. It has made me think that maybe there are times when I should relax a little more and let others make the decisions. I should trust people more.

So with that in mind my dream takes on a different aspect because the problem was that I was being put in a situation where I had to put my trust in others. Because I didn’t do so I failed in the task and missed out on a great experience.

My dream was certainly influenced by the TV program in creating a sense of danger. But rather than focusing on the danger, it was really reinforcing the thoughts I had been having about letting go a little. Now I just need to work on it.

So when you analyze your dreams don’t always look for the obvious. Instead explore all of their aspects; you’ll get far more from it.