Why your Dealership should Consolidate their Online Marketing Efforts

Online marketing is a very important tool for dealerships. Marketing can include a whole slew activities including online advertising, email marketing and search engine optimization, also known as SEO. These tools can generate a lot of business for dealerships and lead several consumers to their sites. There is no question that online marketing tactics are important, but the one question that often arises is how to launch online marketing tactics. Should the dealership handle everything itself? Should they hire an agency to handle the marketing or hire several agencies to handle marketing efforts, or a combination thereof? Though it may seem like a good idea to spread marketing responsibilities around, allowing each agency to concentrate on only a certain segment of work, it is not. Spreading marketing responsibilities around can often hinder marketing progress as information and messages that need to be shared across mediums cannot be. Read on to see why it is important for your dealership to consolidate their marketing efforts:
Streamlined Lead Generation
Online marketing is a great way to generate leads online. Utilizing online advertising, emails and your dealership’s website you can generate a lot of potential business. These lead generation portals work best when they are working with one another not separately.

By keeping their marketing efforts consolidated, dealers can streamline their lead generation portals. By having all online marketing efforts pushing leads to one place dealerships can better tailor how and when they should respond to consumers. By doing this dealerships can make their lead generation more efficient and easier to use.

Ease of Use
Online Marketing can often be a hard skill to master. Online marketing can be especially difficult to use if all of your marketing efforts are spread out across different entities. This can make coordination efforts difficult when immediate communication is not possible or difficult to organize. It also makes it difficult to track results and understand the impact of your marketing efforts if they are spread out. Different agencies may track different metrics for success, resulting in jumbled reporting that doesn’t clearly state if your agency is using online marketing effectively.

Keeping all of your dealership’s online marketing efforts in one place – whether it is handled at your dealership or an outside marketing agency – makes using and understanding online marketing easier. When all marketing efforts are handled by one entity it makes it easier to coordinate marketing efforts so that they work together, instead of against each other. Also tracking results is much easier because all tracking efforts are centered around one definition of success instead of several. This brings more focus to your marketing efforts and allows your dealership to do what it does best, sell cars.

Clarity of Message
Online marketing is all about reaching a larger online audience and either introducing them to the dealership or keeping current consumers engaged. All of this requires that the messages that the dealership sends out be clear and concise. It is more difficult for a dealership to be concise if their marketing efforts are spread out. Because it is harder to communicate across several marketing agencies or executives’ messages that are sent out via online marketing channels could potentially be duplicated or confused.

By keeping your online marketing efforts in one place dealerships can control where their messages are sent out and how they want them conveyed. This is important because online audiences can differ depending upon how you reach them. A consumer that contacts your dealership through email is not the same as a consumer that contacts you through social media, or finds you through a search engine. That is why it is important to tailor your messages to each online marketing segment. By keeping your marketing efforts in one place, your dealership can control the messages it send out.

Consolidating your dealership’s marketing efforts eases a lot of the tension that online marketing can create. Most of the time dealerships can be too busy to handle all of their online marketing efforts, in that case it is best to hire a reputable full-service online marketing agency. Whatever your dealership decides to do, consolidating online marketing efforts allows you to better control your efforts and focus on selling cars.