Why Your Company Needs an Expert Facility Manager?

Facility is one of the largest assets of any business and it is associated with major part of the business costs. It needs high quality maintenance and effective supervision which might be challenging for a non-technical manager. Thus, a professional facility manager with proper education, training and experience is very much required. His wide knowledge plays a key role in lowering the cost of operations and sustainability of your facility.

This article gives you few critical reasons on why to choose an expert facility manager for your company.

Experienced and technically skilled: A professional facility manager is well-trained and will have complete knowledge of the facility issues. He will have good organization skills, communication skills, customer and client management skills, ability to manage complex workload and above all sound technical knowledge about the buildings. This managerial and technical expertise enables him to identify risks associated with buildings and take corrective actions to reduce the risk as well as costs of your facility.

Involves in strategic planning: An expert facility manager will have the ability to understand your business needs and takes necessary measures to maximize your ROI. With thorough knowledge in science, technology, and engineering, besides having management, problem solving and decision-making skills, an expert manager can give a strategic direction to your organization. He can provide effective stewardship for the growth of your company.

Supervises various aspects of your facility: Facility managers take charge of every aspect of your facility allowing you to concentrate on your core business. They handle wide variety of tasks such as administrative, design/construction, maintenance and janitorial services. As part of administrative duties, the facility manager deals with his staff and contractors. In the area of design/construction, he comes up with designs that cohere with your company’s long-term plan and support its profitability. Maintenance and janitorial activities involve wiring, parking, waste disposal, HVAC systems, plumbing, repairs, housekeeping, etc. for effective preservation of your facility.

Acts as financial analyst: An expert facility manager looks after the operating costs, takes effective real estate decisions, conducts regular auditing, takes care of client contracts, internal agreements and so on. Having wide knowledge about the facility and business, he can negotiate the best deals with outside contractors and suppliers. Apart from the above said duties, he acts as a financial analyst, manages budgets, controls large budgets, performs good quality record keeping and reporting for internal and legal purposes.

Is aware of various standards: While constructing or running a facility, it is necessary for you to make sure that it is in compliance with various legal, environmental, health and safety standards, which otherwise may pose huge risk for your business. A facility manager makes sure that your office layout is approved by Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) team and other government departments like telecom, fire, power, land and building, etc. He also conducts regular auditing of the building to see if everything is in accordance with the various standards.

A professional facility manager is an expert, trained specifically on delivering best facility management services. He takes your burden of managing the facility and helps you focus on your core business – the one that you are good at.