Why Your Business Doesn’t Need to Be on Every Social Media Website

It is understandable that companies and brands will want to spread their messages across the internet as much as possible. Utilizing social media is a great way for companies and brands to disseminate their messages across the internet. The first question that every company asks themselves before creating a social media presence is always: what social media sites do I want my brand represented on? For many this can be a difficult question. Many companies that are very enthusiastic about social media will answer that question by creating presences on every social media site available. This is a mistake that can prove to be costly to companies. When creating a social media strategy it is important to research to find out where your audience is and the best ways to reach them. It is highly unlikely that you will need to have a presence on every social media site as there are several niche sites that will likely prove useless to your business. When planning your social media strategy it is important to make sure to have a presence where your audience is more likely to engage with you – a combination of larger sites like Facebook and Twitter, review sites like Yelp or YP.com, and smaller niche sites. Doing too much Social Media could have negative consequences.

Social Media Burnout
Social media burnout is defined as the fatigue brought on by social media sites and it is characterized by being overwhelmed by maintaining too many social media profiles. Though this is more often seen in individual social media users it can also be found in businesses that try to manage too many profiles. If your business tries to manage too many profiles at once you can experience social media burnout, leading to a lack of care towards your social media efforts. A business’ followers can also become irritated with a business that does too much on social media sites if they are constantly bombarded by message from one business no matter where they go.

There are two ways a business can combat social media burnout. First they can be selective about where they create social media presences. By doing this they can ensure that they aren’t spreading messages to too many overlapping audiences and they can ensure that their presence is manageable. Second, businesses can create calendars detailing when each social media site should be updated or maintained. This calendar should also include a content calendar that details where and when new content will be published. By following these simple suggestions businesses can avoid social media burnout.

Wasting Time
Social media efforts, like all marketing efforts made online, should ultimately help your business in some way. Whether it is creating more awareness, cultivating followers, or increasing sales, the time put towards social media should yield some result. If your business is spread too thin, maintaining too many social media profiles, then it is likely that some of that time used to maintain the profiles will be wasted. Not all of the time spent on all of your profiles will yield the desired goal that your business has set. If your social media sites are not reaching goals they are not only wasting time, they are wasting money.

The best way to find out if you are wasting time on any social media site is to measure your efforts. First your business must define what is “successful” in regards to their social media efforts. Once this is done there are several tools available and many social media sites have data and analytics that can help you measure the “success” rate of your social media efforts. Once you have your goals and tools ready you can measure your efforts. Look over your data and see what sites are working best for you and which ones aren’t. By doing this you can take the time from non-performing sites and invest it into the sites that do work, optimizing your social media efforts.

All Audiences are not of Equal Importance
The biggest reason that your business doesn’t need to be on every social media is because not every audience on every site is going to care about your business. By trying to reach uninterested audiences your business can waste time and resources.

Instead of trying to reach a massive audience right away your business should attract the audience that is more likely to be invested in them and build from there. The best way to do this is to research before implementing any social media strategy. By researching where your audience is more likely to be online you can more effectively reach them.

It can be tempting for a business to create profiles on every social media site available. But by being selective about where they want to have their presence on social media, businesses can optimize their strategies, which in turn will yield greater results.