Why You Should Use Your Dreams To Help Achieve Your Goals

Learning to set clearly defined goals is a must if you want to move forward towards the realisation of your life’s ambitions. But equally important is having a plan about how you are going to achieve them. There are many ways to do this but one area that is often overlooked is that of using the power of your dreams.

One thing that we all have in common is that we all dream virtually every night. We don’t always remember them but in fact we usually dream between five and seven times. Over a typical lifetime that adds up to something like six years of dreaming. So it makes sense to be able to harness their power to help you to achieve your goals.

Your dreams are the expression of the fears, anxieties, hopes and emotions contained in your subconscious mind. They are the symbolic representation of the information that is stored and organized by your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind contains lots of information that is not readily available to you when you are awake. Your dreaming mind will reveal these hidden facts. This may be in the form of secret desires or longings. Or unknown inner fears may be discovered which, through the process of dream analysis, you can learn to overcome.

Your dreams are an extension of how you really feel about yourself. By recalling and understanding them you can increase your self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-belief.

In your dreams you will confront and express your inner feelings. So learning how to recall them, analyse them and understand them will give you a more positive approach and, for example, may help to make you more assertive.

Your subconscious mind is full of your inner fears and anxieties. It contains many of the reasons for worry and doubt. By recalling and then understanding your dreams you will be better equipped to deal with the more stressful aspects of your life.

Every day you have decisions to make. Some of them are simple, like what to eat or what to wear. But there may be more important decisions to make regarding matters such as relationships or regarding your career. Recalling your dreams and analysing their meaning will reveal wisdom that will help you to make those life-changing decisions.

What’s more you can learn to influence what you dream about and so focus on the important areas of your life. If you concentrate on the goals you have set you truly can ensure that they are reflected in the content of your dreams. You just have to make sure that your subconscious mind is loaded with information on the subject concerned.

You should use as much time as you can during your waking hours to read about your topic. Watch films and DVDs and research the subject on the Internet. Depending on the subject, you may also be able to view maps, photographs or works of art. All of this will help to prepare your mind for dreams relating to your goals.

You can also try visualization to see yourself having achieved your ambitions. Regard how you feel and examine the benefits you have gained. Picture clearly the things around you, especially if your goals relate to materials things like cars or houses.

Visualization will be particularly effective when used near to bedtime and as you lie in bed prior to going to sleep. This will increase the chances of influencing what you dream about.

The other method for feeding your subconscious mind with the right sort of data is the use of positive affirmation. Use short concise statements set in the present tense to reinforce your objectives. Repeat them to yourself during the day whenever you get the opportunity. Try also writing them down and leaving them in a prominent position so that you can read them.

Then as you lie in bed try repeating the statements to yourself as you drift off to sleep. Concentrate on one statement relating to one goal at a time to ensure the most effective outcome.

Combining these methods will lead you to a fuller understanding of your dreams and how you can influence them to achieve your goals. So why not set a new goal today to start taking your dreams seriously. Very soon you will see the benefits as the achievement of your life goals becomes much more realistic and attainable.