Why You Should Show Gratitude To Yourself To Avoid Failure

Have you ever watched or heard about a person’s success story and believed that you could never do what he/she has done? Or have you seen someone come up with a revolutionary idea and thought to yourself that you can never accomplish such a feat?

If your answer is yes to either one or both of my questions, you probably have self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about yourself. These are what I would term as a person’s inner ‘monsters’ and these ‘monsters’ are very common in most people. These ‘monsters’, if not dealt with, will be the main reasons that will cause you to not show yourself enough gratitude for all the accomplishments you have obtained. Conversely when you do not acknowledge your accomplishments enough, you will feel as though you have failed in life and ultimately this will really lead to your failure.

Now then, what are some of the most common inner ‘monsters’ that are hindering you from showering yourself with gratitude? There are probably truckloads of inner ‘monsters’ that everybody possesses but I will only cover the few that I feel are most detrimental to one’s success if not identified early and dealt with.

In my opinion, the single most common and detrimental inner ‘monster’ that is hindering you from showing gratitude to yourself is that you feel you are unworthy of being shown gratitude at all. This alone could have stemmed from many internal or external factors. Some common internal factors possibly include inferiority complex, thinking or feeling that you are useless and can never achieve anything great or be successful. External factors, on the other hand, can come in the form of the people around you telling and taunting you that you are hopeless and can never achieve anything great in life. These internal and external factors, when coupled together, will lead you to think that you have nothing worthy of being appreciative about.

While you may argue that you do feel that you are worthy of being shown gratitude and do not fall under the category of people I have mentioned above, perhaps you are plagued with the mentality that you have not done enough to be able to show yourself more gratitude. You must understand that you do not have to do all the things required before you can start showing yourself more gratitude. As long as you have done what is sufficiently required and accomplished the task, goal or objective you have initially set out to do, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be giving heaps of credit to yourself.

Now, you will probably be asking ‘what if I have been doing enough but I feel as though I have not given my best, then should I still show gratitude to myself?’ Many people believe and constantly think that they have not given their best in everything that they pursue or hope to accomplish. They keep thinking that they can do a particular task much better and go on to think of ways to improve or perfect their methods without actually considering showing themselves gratitude for the task they have completed. While it is definitely good, and I recommend that you do it too, to constantly upgrade yourself and the methods you employ in completing a task, it is also prudent to note that you must first reflect on your current completed tasks at hand and take the time to congratulate or compliment yourself for completing them before moving on.

So far, I have covered three inner ‘monsters’ that have prevented you from showing gratitude to yourself. The next one I will be covering is just as important as the other three but personally, I feel that this inner ‘monster’ is the most overlooked one. This inner ‘monster’ is thinking and believing that your achievement is too small or not important enough for you to show gratitude to yourself. In fact, this inner ‘monster’ is rather contradicting in the sense that you acknowledge that you have achieved something (which is great) yet you feel that it is too small to be appreciative about. We all have definitely achieved much success in our lives, be it learning how to speak when we were young to passing an exam with flying colours. It does not matter how ’small’ or how ‘big’ our successes are (depending on our individual definitions of ’small’ and ‘big’) if we do not actually take the time and effort to actually ponder over them and congratulate or show gratitude to ourselves for achieving them.

By now, you would have probably realised the inner ‘monsters’ that are preventing you from showing gratitude to yourself and how it can affect your success. If you are interested to find out more about how you can overcome and suppress these ‘monsters’, take a look at the resource box below. And always remember that showing gratitude to yourself can go a very long way to ensuring your continual success.