Why You Should Say “Good Morning” to a Stranger

You can spend hours, days, months, years, perhaps a lifetime, seeking success and happiness in your life. You can read countless books, spend hours sitting through seminars and presentations, and sit glued to your computer exploring the Internet for those vital clues to get you to where you want to be. But are the things you are aiming for really the answer? It may just be far simpler than you think to gain true happiness!

As someone who runs a business from home one of the things I like to do each day is to take a walk into the centre of the village to pick up a newspaper and any other little things that I need from the local store. It takes me about half an hour there and back, and it does me the world of good. But I’m not just talking about the exercise!

Let me explain…

You see, today I made that little journey. The sun was shining, it was neither too hot nor too cold, in fact everything was just great.

Now certainly it’s a great benefit that the walk at a fairly brisk pace is going to help keep me fit and healthy. And I took lots of huge gulps of fresh air. But something else just as important happened today, pretty much the same as it does every other day.

Although it’s a quiet, residential area I met several other people along the way, out walking just like me. And on six separate occasions the same thing happened – we said “Good Morning” to each other, and shared a brief but sincere smile. What’s more only one of those folks was someone I actually know!

The rest….just complete strangers!

But those simple little meetings mean such a lot to me. They really do!

They give me a real boost, fill my heart with gladness and set me up to enjoy the rest of my day, with a smile inside. When I reach home I’m fired up and raring to get to work on my business. It really motivates me! And my business benefits as a result.

It’s a simple thing but it makes me happy. And it has done nearly every day since I swapped the stress and anxiety of my old job for the pleasure of running my own business.

But what makes you happy?

Driving a fast car, living in a big house, or taking a vacation in an exotic location are all common answers to that sort of question. Or maybe having loads of money to spend on just what you want.

But to me those kinds of things are really just the possible results of being happy. They come to you because you have already found the route to inner happiness. They are merely the rewards for your personal success.

So start to ask yourself what it is that you really want. Sure there may be material things at the end of it, but you should be searching for what it is you want inside and you should think about the things you can do to attain it.

To me it is without doubt doing the simple little things that really bring happiness. So why not give it a try.

Go on….say “Good Morning” to a stranger!