Why You Must Be Executive Producers of Your Wedding Video

If you want to get spectacular results from your wedding video then you and your groom must become executive producers. Even though this may sound intimidating, and adds to your already-overwhelming list of things to do for the wedding, being executive producers is easy when you get an early start.

Believe it or not, you are already executive producers – of your wedding. Just like the executive producers of a movie, you and your groom are making the who, what, where, when, how, and why decisions that go into planning the wedding of your dreams. Planning your wedding video should be no different.

Deciding who is going to produce the wedding video is going to be one of your most important tasks. Whether you hire the premier wedding videographer in your city, or ask family or friends to videotape the wedding, it is essential to choose people that you can trust to carry out your videotaping wishes.

As such, it is also critical to take some time to think about exactly what those wishes are. The when, where and why will then be the natural result of this thought process.

The reason it’s important to think about this is the very same reason many couples don’t think about this: because a wedding is a “one-time” event. If a wedding video is missing something because the bridal couple didn’t tell the videographer that it was important, there’s no chance to go back and get it.

Just remember that the videographer can be your eyes and ears the day of the wedding. The videographer will be able to see (and capture) everything that you and your groom won’t get a chance to see – all the nerves and excitement of you and your bridesmaids getting ready, the playfully teasing between the groom and his friends, family and guests meeting for the first time, last minute flower arranging, rolling out the white carpet, etc.

Even when you’re walking down the aisle, and you and your groom only have eyes for each other, you won’t miss the expressions of your guests because the videoprapher can capture it all for you.

So after you and your groom think about, discuss and decide what should be captured the day of the wedding, you must clearly communicate your wishes to the videographer so that he/she can take care of the how.

A wedding video is more than a series of pictures tied together. It is a love story. It is YOUR love story and you only get one chance to get it right. Becoming executive producers of your wedding video will ensure that you will be able to relive and experience all your joy, laughter, tears and love for years to come.