Why You Can’t Have What You Want.

The three steps to manifesting all the things you desire are simple steps most of us will not be able to accomplish consciously.

Why is it some people who seem to be less deserving than you, have it all? Abundance, friends, and relationships keep coming their way while you keep struggling to make ends meet. You know you deserve their abundance, but it seems unattainable. You’re smart, educated, deserving, and you work hard-what is it they know that you do not?

As simple and unrealistic as it may seem-the one and only reason they have it is because they know they can. And they know they can have more anytime they wish. It is this thought separating them from you.

Whether they were born into it, or worked for it-they all have the same knowingness-they can have it and more. This knowingness is why only five percent of the population controls 95% of the world’s riches. Although the only difference in having and not having is within the knowledge you can have it-there are ten good reasons you will be able to come up with that will support your belief “you can not have it.”

1. Don’t know what you really want.
2. Too difficult to focus on your desire
3. Easily distracted by others things.
4. Want to control the process.
5. You believe you do not have the power to change your circumstances.
6. You do not deserve.
7. It is not God’s will.
8. It’s too simple.
9. It is selfish.
10. You just cannot have anything you want.

From the time you were old enough to understand what your parents and others were telling you, you were taught these ten destructive beliefs. It is within the reality of these beliefs that you are guided in what you create and the circumstances of your life-I can prove it right now!

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you have the perfect lover or companion sitting beside you holding out five one-million dollar bills to you. Now open your eyes and discover there is no one there and no money-why not? Listen to yourself coming up with all the reasons it doesn’t work that way, and you will quickly discover why it is you did not get what you imagined.

Now this may sound simple and childish, but it is your perceptions, your convictions, and knowing which make these things impossible for you. The truth is, you do manifest or create all the circumstances of your life just by imagining it. For most all of us it is done on a subconscious level so we take no responsibility for it.

That knowingness can be raised to a conscious level with a little practice and willingness. The first step to making it happen is in accepting you can do it-and it’s all you really have to do. Nothing else matters-nothing else converts energy or thought to matter.

In all you can imagine or dream of, simply know you already have it, even if you have to lie to yourself for a period of time. Picture it, focus on what it is you wish to experience and you will bring it into your experience-you will have it as your own.

You will always get what it is you truly desire-desire is the key word. You can never have what you want, but you always get what you desire. Be careful as your thoughts will most often fool you. Most people for instance will desire something (a thing) because it is their belief it will bring them happiness. If happiness is what you truly desire then you do no need to focus on a thing-focus on the happiness and it will be yours and it will be expressed in a happy way.

If it is your desire to experience having or doing a thing-that desire will also be made manifest, but you may not experience the happiness you said you desired. Your thoughts will most often betray you and it is your words which command the spirit to create what you desire. Be ever so careful in your choice of words.

It may take a second, a minute, a day, or years to change your thought patterns, but once you do-you will know you can have what you desire on demand-in the blink of an eye-on demand.