Why You Are Not A Millionaire Yet? Part 2

With a business you may put it a lot of time and money and not receive a lot of money in return initially. However if you stick to it over a certain period of time (usually 3-5 years on average) and you build a true business that uses the efforts of other people, your income will far surpass the income you will receive from your job. The best part is, you will receive this INCOME whether you work the business or whether you do not work the business.
Please don’t misunderstand the difference between owning a business and being self employed. With a true business, you should be able to walk away at some point and still receive income whether you work or not. If you are self employed, like for example if you are an accountant, a computer consultant, a doctor, etc; your income is still always dependent on your own efforts and you are not a true business owner.

What are your options if you want to start a business?
There are several different types of businesses you can start. Here are some of them and the advantages/disadvantages to each of them:

1. Traditional Business
This is what most people think of when they think of a business. You have a storefront and/or an office and you are offering products and/or services. The advantage of a traditional business is that you have total control and can do what you want. The disadvantage is that it takes thousands of dollars to get started and months, if not years to make your money back.

2. Franchise
This is similar to a traditional business in that with a franchise you also have a storefront and/or office where you offer products and/or services. The difference and also the advantage is that you are buying into a proven system that has already been established for you. All you have to do is follow the system. The disadvantage is that it takes thousands of dollars to get started, months if not years to make your money back and you don’t have a lot of control and flexibility.

3. Direct Sales/Network Marketing (MLM) – These are businesses that you can operate out of the comfort of your own home where you get paid for selling a product or a service. Examples include selling CDs on EBay, selling bio-products and makeup, selling electronic books on the internet and much more! Some of these do not come with a proven system, like a traditional business. Others do come with a proven system like a franchise. The key advantage with a direct sales and/or network marketing opportunity is that it usually a low cost start up amount of dollars to get started and you can make your money back in months or even days! The disadvantage is that there are a lot of scams out there that have given these types of businesses a bad name and you really have to do your research to make sure you have a legitimate business and not a scam.

Which business should you start?

Well if you have thousands of dollars to invest or you can find people willing to partner with you and invest the money while you invest the time, then you simply have to decide if you want total control and freedom to do what you want and the responsibility that comes with it, or if you want to follow a proven system of success. If you want the total control, start your own business. If you want the proven system, invest in a franchise.
If you don’t have the thousands of dollars or access, then your only real option is direct sales/network marketing. However don’t discount the power of these businesses. In many cases you can make the same amount or MORE than many people who start a traditional business or purchase a franchise.

It’s All Up to You!
Now that you have learned how you can make more money, the choice is up to you. You can continue what you are doing now and get the same results. Or you can begin to make changes by starting your own business and get on the road to FINANCIAL SECURITY.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this report and I wish you much success in all of your future projects.
I appreciate you! I will believe in you until you have the strength to believe in yourself.

What Business Do You Recommend?
If you are curious as to what business I am personally involved in and want to know the business that I personally recommend, I would be more than happy to help you.

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