Why You Are Not A Millionaire Yet? Part 1

The simple truth of you getting up in the morning and going to work is because money is important. Some people say money is not important just because they are unable to earn money or because they need an excuse.
Some even go ahead and say too much money is bad.

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” –Bo Derek

Money is important – it is neither good nor bad. And the quantity of money doesn’t depend on what person you are. If you are a good person you will become a better person by being able to help others with your money. To WIN a MONEY GAME it’s critical that you learn and program your mind for SUCCESS.

How Do You Stop That Negative Little Voice In Your Head?

1. First, you LEARN TO TRAIN yourself to turn off that negativity. You know what I am talking about. It’s the little voice that telling you «Yeah right – that’s it, that’s not going to work»

2. Try to stay 7 days without complaining, blaming or justifying something or someone. That negative programming is bringing you down for days and makes you doubt yourself. You’ve got to stop that from happening. You will see the difference.

3. Learn to re-program your mind with other information. For example instead of saying:
“It takes too much effort to do that”

Change it to:

“I am having fun, building the largest, most profitable, highest-retention organization ever built in the history of network marketing, easily and consistently through education and teamwork.”

Anytime you’re driving somewhere, make it your SELF-TALK. Whenever you can try to REPEAT it as many times as possible. Repeat it in your mind, over and over and over. It blocks out all the other chatter. And the reason that’s so powerful is, when you stop the chatter, you can truly, truly listen to people. And THAT is the skill that is so critical to your SUCCESS in both business & personal relationships.

Usually people fall in four quadrants:

1 – Enough of Money No Time – Self Employed – Professionals (IT, Doctors, Lawyers etc.) – As soon as they stop working their business is stop working

2 – Lots of Money – Guys whose business can continue to run without them if they decided to take a break for a year.

3 – Little Money, Little Time – Employed but not enough time to spend it on their selves and their families.

4 – Plenty of Time and Money – Guys who have Financial Freedom.

Would you like to be in that Group 4? But are you prepared to do something to have that?
Are you prepared to keep an OPEN MIND, look out for INFORMATION and ACT so you can put you into category number 4? And willing to learn ways to achieve it?
You need to think differently if you want to be in the 4th quadrant.


How does EDUCATION relate to that? If you are truly educated that does not mean you have a lot of general or specific knowledge. Being truly, educated means you have learned how to get what you want in a completely legal manner.

You have learned to get KNOWLEDGE and put it to a specific ACTION.

To be successful you need to know how to get information and knowledge you need to APPLY it towards your GOAL and who to get the information from. These types of skill have nothing to do with a college degree!

Many of us were taught that in order to make enough money you must go to school, get good grades and get a safe secure job. A job is not designed to give you an abundance of wealth. The reason why is because when you work on a job, you are trading your most valuable commodity, TIME for a commodity that is not as valuable, which is MONEY.

For instance, if I lose $100, I can always find a way to get $100 back, right? However if I lose 100 hours of time, I can NEVER get that time back. Trading time for money is NOT a fair exchange. Your employer will always win out on that exchange.

Have you ever seen the guys that are out on the golf course on Wednesday afternoon? How is that possible? It is because these are the owners of the companies that you work for. They have convinced you to trade your time for their money so that they can have the TIME to go to the golf course while you are spending your time working. Have you ever asked your boss how he/she becomes rich and how to achieve it?

There are two simple steps that you must take in order for you to be able to make more money so that you can take a year away from your job and it not hurt you financially. You must learn how to sell and you must learn how to use LEVERAGE!

For those of you who don’t Know How To Sell:
The fact is that: Yes, you DO know!

You sell every single day of the week. Selling is getting someone to do something that they would not have done if you were not there to get them to do it.

Usually people think those salespersons are someone in a suit trying to convince us either over the phone or in person to do something that we don’t want to. However we sell every day and just don’t know it.

Have you ever had a job? Have you ever received a promotion? If so, that is sales. You had to convince someone to pick you for that position as oppose to someone else. Have you ever recommended a good movie or a good restaurant to a friend or family? Member?

I have a friend that loves the Fitness gym. He’s always telling us how great the gym is, how much he enjoys going there, etc. That is sales. Now let me ask you a question? Is Fitness writing my friend a check for each person he sends there? I doubt it. When you recommend a good movie or a good restaurant are you getting a check from that movie theater, the company that made the movie or the restaurant? Not likely.

The key to making more money is to stop selling for free and start selling for profit!