Why Would You Need 10 Year Goals??

Copyright 2006 Cedric Licuanan

Have you ever noticed that you, your close family members, and friends seem to accomplish certain goals in all of our lives, whether we realize it or not? For example in grade school, we had a goal to graduate 8th grade in order to get to high school. Or how about getting our driver’s licenses, to getting college degrees, to landing that first job? Maybe it was to achieve a certain level of success in our other activities and hobbies, or buying that first car or house. Whatever the case may be, we’ve always experienced accomplishments in our lives.

However it came to my attention that most of us only have short-term goals. That is, a goal that we are working to accomplish within the next 6 months to a few years from now. It’s a rarity to see a person with a clear set of long-term goals, such as 10 years.

“Wait……… did you say 10 YEARS?? From NOW?!?!”

Yes, that’s exactly what I said! I KNOW what you’re thinking. It’s probably along the lines of:

What’s the point of having 10 year goals anyways? That’s a LONG time from now!!”

Believe me I know how you feel. As a matter of fact, that’s EXACTLY how I felt when I was first presented with this concept! However, what I found was that sometimes as we progress through life, we tend to focus ONLY on what’s right in front of us. I know I’ve been guilty of that sin!

When a person takes their age and adds 10 years to it, what do you think happens? Naturally that person might picture themselves looking quite a bit older (or wiser?)-which is great for what we may LOOK like 10 years from now. But have we ever wondered what we would be DOING 10 years from now? Or even better, have we even considered the type of person we would BE 10 years from now?? Wife, Mother, Husband, Father, CEO, Wealthy, Retired, Soccer Coach, Manager, Athlete, Independent, etc. This simple concept is mind blowing because the possibilities are endless!

In addition to this mind blowing concept, I was taught to try and predict the type of person I would BE 10 years from now in the year 2016 by actually writing down some 10 year goals.

When a person looks back on their life, they may remember some of the great accomplishments they have achieved. However with all the success, a person may feel some regret as well. How many times have you thought about the person you were in the past compared to the person you are today, and you couldn’t help but think,

“Hmmmm…. If only I had: *saved more money *had more fun *strived harder in school/job *started that dream business/career, etc…..Things would be much better for me and my family now….oh well, it’s too late now…*sigh*.”

Some people tend to live in the past like this, and as a result they NEVER get what they want out of life. Doesn’t that stink? Sure it does! So what’s a possible solution?

Well how about this? Instead of looking at the past, and wishing that things were different-why not try and imagine your life 10 years IN THE FUTURE assuming you continued your current path, and simply attempt to predict what your regrets would be in the year 2016?

THEN simply digging deep into yourself to correct these ‘future regrets’ by taking action towards the solution right now,THIS year!

Let’s look at an example: even though their current careers pay the bills, some people might not be too content with their jobs. Naturally they think, “I wish I started my dream career when I was younger…oh well, it’s too late now *sigh*.” Well this is certainly ONE unfortunate way to live life.

However why not try this technique instead? Simply imagine yourself in the exact same unhappy career path 10 years from now in the year 2016. Then imagine yourself (in 2016 of course) thinking, “Hmmmm…if only I had taken those extra educational courses when I had the chance, back in 2006. Things may have been much better for me and my family now…..oh well..*sigh*.” NOW, when you snap yourself out of your thoughts, you realize that it’s the year 2006 TODAY!!!

With this POWERFUL strategy as the catalyst and motivator towards some positive action, you can decide to start taking steps toward your dream career path, i.e. taking some extra courses, networking with others, etc TODAY.

What is SO powerful about this technique is the simple fact that you might not have considered taking action today without this little strategy. Can you imagine how this one strategy alone could possibly save you and your family 10 years of career challenges in your lives?!

Ok, let’s getting started! One of the most POWERFUL ways to start the process is to simply write some goals on paper, and to simply have your goals in plain view daily. Authoring your goals on paper seems to have a powerful reinforcing effect on your subconscious mind.

The easiest way to write some 10-year goals on paper is to simply break them up into little categories. You might have health goals, financial goals, career goals, family goals, etc…. Also try your best to emphasize the person that you will BECOME rather than what you will just do. Of course, that’s up to you.

Step 1) Get a sheet of paper and pen OR open up your favorite word processing application on your computer.

Step 2) Pick out the most important categories that are important to you: Health, Career, Family, Finances, etc….

Step 3) Brainstorm for a few minutes and write down or type the first few goals that come out of your mind for each category. Remember these are goals that you will shoot for by the year 2016.

Step 4) Be creative, let your imagination run wild! Consult with a loved one as well!

Step 5) Place your name and date on your goal sheet. This way, you can hold yourself accountable.

Step 6) Post your goal sheet in a highly visible place where you can view it on a daily basis-for example: on your bed stand, on your computer desktop, at work, in your wallet, on the refrigerator, etc….

Step 7) Read your goals every morning right when you get out of bed, and again at night right before you sleep.

Step 8) Take positive action towards each of your goals, achieve your dreams, succeed and HAVE FUN!!!

“When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing — then we truly live life.” -Greg Anderson

“You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be.” -Mark Victor Hansen