why women like bad boys

A study was carried out to find out the kind of faces that attract women. Women were shown pictures of men then these pictures were modified using a computer to look more masculine.

The study has found that women prefer masculine faces and this is already aligned with what biology says but when the results were examined further it was found that women were attracted to men who seemed more threatening!

Women were found to be attracted to men who seemed more dangerous and this supports the findings other studies came up with which showed that women tend to get attracted to bad boys.

Women get attracted to men who take charge, who are dominant and assertive. Bad boys or dangerous looking guys appear to have these traits and that’s why women find them attractive.

Women also get attracted to men who seem to be more dangerous than others because of the excitement they feel around them. Women dislike boring men who have a traditional personality and instead prefer the risk taker who can bring them a lot of excitement
Ask any woman about the type of guy she wants to be with and she will respond saying that she wants a nice guy who treats her well. No wait until she gets into a relationship and you will discover that is attached to the bad boy who abuses her.

A Typical bad boy is the one who runs the relationship with his own rules, he is cocky, arrogant and who does what he wants with disregard to what others think.

Nice guys, who are the opposite of bad boys, turn most women off. Nice guys are needy, they don’t take the lead and are highly predictable.

The reason women like bad boys is that this combination of narcissism, thrill seeking behavior and the dominance of a bad boy are seen as signs of masculinity which is one of the ultimate attraction factors that attracts women.